Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well, we got possession of our new house today at 3:30 pm. That is one of Eli's feeding times, so Lon and I loaded up the truck and trailer and at about 5:30 we went to our new house. It is so great. Small. But great! I will spend the weekend doing lots of cleaning. Then next week our guys are coming to paint inside, and lay laminate flooring in the Living and Family rooms. It looks like we may start living and sleeping there the weekend of the 16th.

Eli did so great there. He was really calm and happy. His DVD player battery died, and he didn't even care. What!? He throws a fit at home when his movie stops. LOL!

I came home before Lon, to put Eli to bed. We don't want to mess up his schedule too much. :)
After he was fast asleep, we loaded up the truck and trailer again. I'm already sore! This is going to be a long month isn't it? Where's my ibuprofin? LOL!

Lon took another load 9:30 pm. Bless his heart. He hates moving....and he's being really great about it all. I think he's happy, simply because I'M so happy. I'm a lucky girl!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Niece Got Hitched!

My niece married her baby's Dad on Saturday, July 19th,

(we now share the same anniversary).
She looks like a beautiful vintage bride.

The Ceremony

The Wedding Party.
Doctor is from Ghana, and he wore traditional African clothing, as did his Groomsmen.

Cutting the Cake

Doctor and Anongba
My sister, my niece, and my brother-in-law.

Am I Cute, Or What?

The Floating Head

I gave Eli a haircut yesterday...while he was sitting in his Bronco.
I covered him with a drape my hairdresser gave me (because we cut Lon's hair at home, too).
The picture turned out looking like "the floating head" of Eli.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Now the Good News! We Found OUR House!

We finally found a house!
We will be moving mid-August. We are very excited. The packing process isn't much fun...but it's going to net us some great results! Yahoo!!!
The front entry
The back patio and deck

Goodbye Max

aka...Big Max...Maxmillion...Max-the-millionaire...

We had to put our precious dog Max down on June 26th. He had been sick for a month, and finally the third time we took them in they found a growth in his mouth, that hadn't been there two weeks prior. They biopsy'd it and it was cancer. :(

He was in lots of pain, and so we put him down the afternoon we got the results.
This picture is of us in the back of our van, waiting for Dr. Mike to come out and give him the shot.

I loved him. He was MY first dog. :)
The worst part of all is he died four days after we finally found a house....he was finally going to get to run around our property freely....but now he's gone. We are still sad....