Friday, June 29, 2007

Button, Button, Whose Got The Button...containers!

I DO!!!

Here is my latest craft project. Storage for my buttons that I use on scrapbook pages.
I found this idea on a webgroup I am a part of: ScrappersChallenge on Yahoo groups.

It was a lot of fun to make them...but honestly, I don't think it's the best storage option for buttons if you want to take them to crops. (Crop = a place you go to scrapbook with others)
The baggy worked just fine! haha
But, when I get my scrapbooking space set up again in the house someday, it will be nice to have these on the shelf.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eli in Swim Therapy

I forgot to add a post about Eli's swim therapy. Here he is with is PT, Laura.

We LOVE Laura! She is so good with Eli. His body relaxes really nicely in the heated therapy pool and Children's Village, and she gets lots of good stretches out of him.

This day, 06/01/07, they were playing with a ball, and Eli would bat it away from him...Laura got excited, and I got it on "film"! This was a fun day.

Last week wasn't. His stoma was getting infected, and I didn't know it yet. He was very fussy in therapy, and only lasted in the pool about 20 minutes. The next day I could see the infection, so we nursed it through the weekend, and took him to the Dr. on Monday. He's been on the antibiotic for three days and it's already better. yahoo!

Eli's Bronco Gait Trainer

Tuesday night Eli stayed in his Bronco for over 20 minutes! That is a long time for him! When he feels good, he is such a Hard Worker!

He was having a pretty good time. I brought him in the kitchen with me while I made dinner, and would stop every few minutes and take him for a "ride around the house". His body was doing so you can see he was holding onto the handlebars with BOTH hands. :)

When Lon got home from work he started cruising him around the house, and doing "cookies" in the dining room. They had fun.

As you can see there are burp cloths attached on the Bronco. Those are to catch Eli's slobbers!
He just drips like a faucet in that thing.

All the books and towel behind his back and head are for support. He likes to arch his head back, and this prevents it from going to far back. It looks crazy, but it works!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Altered Altoid Tin with Mini Album inside

Here is the craft I made last night at the party I went to with my friends Megan and Victoria. You take an Altoid tin and glue paper and embellishments on it. Then create an accordian album to go inside. These albums were to be "All About Me", so I plan to fill it in with pictures of all my favorite things.

Afterwards we went to Dairy Queen. I found it interesting that we all wanted one of the new Waffle Bowl Sundaes, but we each got a different flavor. I got the Turtle Sundae w/o the waffle dipped in chocolate. I don't think very many people get the plain waffle because the kid behind the counter made quite a big deal out of trying to get me to get it dipped. "No Thanks" the third time finally got him to believe me :)

Yard Sale Is Over!

What a pathetic attempt at a yard sale! I made a whopping $12.25! Not even enough to pay for the ad in the newspaper! I must say that I made $70.00 at a sale two weeks ago at my mother-in-law's house - so I shouldn't be so hard on myself. But, I do have to pay the paper, and now I am in the hole. I thought I might get to go shopping at Craft Warehouse. Oh, well.

Lonnie did better than I did, thank goodness. He gets to buy pizza and pepsi for dinner tonight :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday, Friday, Friday!

It's Friday. Not that weekends are a too different for me, but tonight I am going crafting with some friends to make a mini-scrapbook in a class, and then hitting the DQ afterwards for a chocolate dipped cone. Yum!

Yard Sale is tomorrow. Have lots to do today to get ready for it so I can go out tonight. It's so hard deciding to sell something you paid good money for originally, and now you get 50¢!
Oh, well. Decreases the clutter and that makes DH happy. (DH = dear hubby)
Today's photo is a scrapbook page I did recently of me and my dear friend Amy taken Easter weekend 2007. (I am on the left) It was a "scraplift" from a LO in Scrapbooks, Etc magazine. It was a challenge in a webgroup I am a part of. I LOVE the way it turned out. I loved making all the flowers from scratch out of paper and buttons.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

My First Post


Well, I don't have much to say right now because I am busy getting ready for a Yard Sale this weekend. Stay posted for news about Eli, life at the Berkheimer "cat farm", scrapbooking layouts, and whatever else strikes my fancy to share with the world.

Today is the first day of summer! YAHOO!!

It's also the 9th anniversary of the death of my dear Gram. I miss her so much. I was only 26 when she died....and I didn't realize the loss of information that was happening. Now that I am 35, I think of things all the time that I want to ask her. Luckily, she passed a lot of this great info on to my sisters.

Gotta go - Eli's fussing...he's very particular about which Sesame Street CD he listens to this week. Today is Sing-along Songs. How many times can you do the Hokey Pokey in one day you might ask? Well, let me tell you - about 15! HA!

But, it's making my baby laugh and laugh - so it's all good. Teething molars has not been fun for him - or me - so I'm glad to be able to keep him happy all day.

I've added a picture of him laughing at today's CD. Enjoy...