Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just a Little Something For You

Still not feeling like writing, but I thought I'd share some of my digital scrapbooking layouts with you:

Here is a LO using a free mini-kit called Apple Cider from

This LO is using a kit called Fly Me To The Moon by
She has great kits for only $1.50 each!

One of my favorite digi-designers is Kristen Aagard.  This is using her kit called Ocean Deep.  Her kits are more expensive, and I was blessed to get a few over the holidays.  Her blog is here:

Another kit by Kristen, ( called Little Forest:


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Blues

I don't know what is going on.

Writer's Block? Winter Blues? But it all equals a Whimpy Blog!

Forgive me while I take a break from BlogLand.....I'll be back when my spirits are back up.

The good news for now is we took Eli to Seattle last week to have his GJ Feeding tube switched out (as it was leaking) and it was THE PERFECT DAY!
The weather was great for the drive. Eli was happy and did great in his carseat! (I could totally get used to that! We've waited for 4 years for him to do well in his carseat!) We didn't have to stop and get him out because he was so happy! We got to the hospital and it was nap time, so he had just started to fall asleep in my lap - when the nurse called us back. Of course!

I had also given him a little extra Ativan - and he was MELLOW and HAPPY and even laughed during...and the procedure went perfectly smooth! Like 5 minutes. It was fabulous!

We then went to the cafeteria to have lunch...and Eli took a 1/2 hour nap in my lap....and we headed home. He did great going home, too! In all - it was our best trip ever.

On the way home we stopped in North Bend at the Outlet Mall because Carter's always calls my name! Hee hee. No, really, Eli needed some new long sleeved onesies....and their 24 month onesies STILL FIT our 4 1/2 year old! :) They are long!

Just a couple doors down is the Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory - and my hubby had a craving....I told him to get me a caramel apple. It was Eli's first sniff:

But the next day everything changed. He's fighting granulation tissue AGAIN. Ugh. I hate it....
he's miserable, his body is wild, and the days are hard....

Our winter quarantine has so far been successful at keeping Eli - and our whole house - healthy!
But it makes for a long winter.....and add to it the bleak, foggy, nasty, cloudy, wet/snowy weather we've been having....and I think it all adds up to the winter blues.
I'll start blogging again when I muster the energy...