Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Christmas Photos

Well, this is as good as it gets.....the last picture taken, ended up the winner.....
My mother-n-law got me this huge scrapbooking kit! :)
I just so happened to have my camera ready and got this great picture of Lon hugging Eli. :)
Just me and my boy - he sure does a great Elvis impersonation, eh?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve with Grandpa Jerry

Thank you Grandpa Jerry for all the wonderful gifts! 
Three new DVD's, a huge teddy bear, and four soft blankets.
Wall-E came with a pillow, Mickey Mouse came with a doll, and Spiderman and Cars are fleece.
Unfortunately, not all of the pics turned out....will have to take more later....cause the fleece ones are neat!
Is it just me, or is Mickey giving two thumbs up?
Plus, we got a package from my sister Shiela today.  Wonderful knitted hats, scarves, slippers, homemade earrings, and beautiful pressed flowers in glass coasters!  We are so spoiled! :)  Thanks, Shi!
Isn't Eli styling in his new hat from his Auntie?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Claus Has Been To Town

Waiting for Santa....

I decided to keep Eli in his stroller this year....and the pics turned out great. Santa usually has a hard time holding Eli and then the pics turn out weird. (See last year's pictures here) I think this was a good solution.
Looks like I'll need to make Eli some kind of Christmas blanket for next year's picture.....however, I do love his giraffe blanket! :)

I don't think I'll ever get tired of that grumpy little face.....LOL!
He has impeccable timing!

This year, I asked Mrs. Claus to pose with Eli....
I just love the adoring look on her face....this is too precious to me....

As we were leaving the Santa room....we ran into Eli's little pre-school buddy, Edgar.
He has CP, too. His Mom and I are hoping to get together soon. Edgar is such a sweetie!
Hey, Eli, a penny for your thoughts!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

If You're Tired and You Know It....FALL ASLEEP!

My sleepyhead fell asleep in his Bronco about 10 minutes ago....while digesting his breakfast.
How precious is this?

I'm always worried about if he gets kinks in his neck, though!?

Well, the 15 minute nap is over as I type this.....better go change his poopy pants...he's been sitting in it long enough! (I know, I know...TMI!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lon!

Happy Birthday, Honey!  I love you.
Thanks for taking such good care of us!
Have a wonderful day!
Lazy Boys
Sweet Kisses

The day we finally got to take our baby home!
(After he spent 3 weeks in the NICU)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tool Time with Eli

"Stop! Hammer time!"

Christmas is a weird time of year for us. Eli doesn't understand the concept of "holidays" and "presents" - so there are no stories of Santa around here.
If Eli needs something we buy it for him. Pretty simple.

I went Christmas shopping for him the other day....because Toys R Us had an awesome sale. I knew I wanted to get my THREE YEAR OLD BOY a toolbox for Christmas. It was on sale for $4.99 on Wednesday only.

Well, when I got to looking at what they had...there was a step stool workbench - which is just what I wanted! You see, all the big boy workbenches are for kids to stand at...which just wouldn't work well for Eli. He needs to be able to sit on the floor in my lap to play.

When I saw this I just had to have it! And of course I COULDN'T wait for Christmas to give it to him! So, on what would have been his Grandma Twila's 66th Birthday - we played with his new toys! We spent about 10 minutes playing. It was getting close to bedtime, and when he's sleepy he's usually pretty easy going....

Checking out the vice......

...holding a T-Square!

Eli is doing really well holding onto objects for extended periods of time.
The day after these pics were taken, we were playing and he held his wrench for almost 4 minutes! 4 minutes people! This is HUGE in our world! It's very big acheivement for him. :)
His teachers and therapist will be so proud when I get to brag to them! It's actually one of his goals at preschool! :)

Hmm...what tool shall I reach for next?

How about a saw!


....and finallly - it was just too much work to keep going....
how does Bob the Builder do it? LOL!

My boy was down for the count! Nigh' Night...Sweet Dreams my baby bug...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Momma!

This is my Momma.  Being a ham at my best friends' wedding!
     It was September.  This was the [first] time she decided to shave her head, because she was tired of the bleached out/permed/fried hair she had.  (She ended up doing this several more times in her life!  Ugh!)
     So, she was hamming it up, making music with the beer bottle, and every so often pulling her hat back to show the newly shorn head!
I was so embarrassed, to say the least!
My Aunt and Cousin are probably crying at remembering this event!  It was a hoot!
     Then to top the evening off....when Amy (my BFF) went to throw her bouquet....all the girls were waiting below the balcony where she was standing, with high hopes of catching the coveted "good luck charm", right?... (I was already married, so I was watching it all from across the room)....Amy tosses the bouquet....and MY MOM comes FLYING from the sidelines, about knocks everyone over, and catches the bouquet!
Yup.  That's my Momma!
You know why she did it?  Because at my wedding 7 months prior, Amy caught my bouquet....and my Mom saw the heartbreak in my niece Amelia's eyes, because she almost had it, and wanted it so bad!  This was Mom's way at getting back at Amy for catching my bouquet!  Annialating her friends!  LOL!
Oh, do I miss my Momma!  Today would have been her 66th Birthday
Thanks for letting me share one of my MANY crazy stories about her!  I hope you got a laugh out of it???  :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

West Coast Gangsta

"Are YOU lookin' at ME?"

We did our Christmas card photo shoot yesterday...and even though this did not make the final is one of my favorites!

If Eli could talk...can you imagine the attitude I would get from him! LOL!
With two smart alick parents he didn't have a, even though he doesn't have the voice...he sure got THE LOOK!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Goodbye, Janelle - A New Kitty - Sunset - and BRONCO RIDING!

Janelle, the intern PT, had her last day on Friday. We'll miss you!

She grew to love Eli, (like everyone who meets him does!), and she shed a few tears as she said goodbye.
Eli was so tired during therapy, but rather than fuss...he was Mr. Complacent. :) It was a good day.
(sorry if I spelled your name wrong!)
Eli walking in the KidWalk Gait Trainer again. He does SO GOOD in this! It just doesn't have enough (or any) head support for him.

The newest addition to the "Berkheimer Bunch":
Holly Hobbie Kitty - makes 14 again!
We did put a sign up at the mailboxes on our road...
we'll see if anyone claims her? She's still just a kitty and sweet as can be!
Not a great pic - just a pretty colored sunset!
It was a beautiful sunny day on November 29th!!
(the black cat is Stanley - so nosey and so friendly!)
(yes, that's his DVD player attached to his Bronco!)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Computer is down...

My laptop is in the I'm having to use the hubby's computer.  (Much to his dismay!)
I don't have all my pictures...and I get a little out of breath just thinking about it!  What if the shop burns down?  What if someone breaks in and steals things?  Omigosh!
How crazy is it that we (maybe just me?) are so connected/addicted/attached to our computers?  I love being connected to my family and friends at just the click of a button!  It's a lifesaver for a stay at home Mom, I tell ya!
So, I share with you today one of my all time favorite pics of my boy....because it happens to be in Lon's computer for me to access!
Gotta LOVE that smile!   Eh?