Sunday, August 31, 2008

Little Guy in a Big Chair

Eli got a new outfit for his birthday (from his Aunt Diana) and I just love it. I wanted a good picture of him in it, so I posed him in our big 'chair and a half'.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Respiratory Distress - #5


Well, Monday night at about 6:30 pm, Eli decided to go into respiratory distress. I didn't think it was bad enough to call 911, but I knew we needed to go to the hospital. We got about 5 minutes down the road and he I called 911 and they met us in a grocery store parking lot!
We zipped up to the hospital in the ambulance.

It's a long story, that I just don't have the energy to type out right now. He spend the night in ICU while they monitored him. At about 12:00 he hacked up a big thick green thing that had been caught in his throat, and then he started breathing great, and slept through the night!

We are home now, and he is doing well. I'll post more later.

Thank you God for watching over my son, and helping him through his 5th event.


Eli's 3rd Birthday Party!

Our 3rd Annual Berkheimer Bash End-of-Summer Potluck....aka...Eli's Cowboy birthday party....was a huge success. Our family and friends had a great time checking out the new house, saying hello to Eli, and enjoying some good ol' country fun!

The kids loved the big tree in the backyard that has a deck was full of little monkeys climbing it! :) This is Eli and Karla - one of his PT's, standing in front of the awesome tree!

Check out his Horse Power shirt! LOL~!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nice Hump and Slope in the Floor!

When we got into our new house we quickly noticed a big hump and slope in the living room floor, that was conveniently covered by a loveseat during the showing.

So, our contractor spent Thursday repairing the hump to make the floor level:

They had to lay down shims of different thicknesses up the slope and then lay concrete morter in between the shims. Then they had to lay new plywood on the low side of the room. Hopefully now it will all be even for the laminate floors to be laid on Monday and Tuesday.

The house will be finished being painted on Sunday. Wow....some of the colors turned out a little brighter than I wanted. Oh, well. Not redoing them now. Hopefully they'll grow on me.

On Friday, our contractor worked on putting a doorway in between our room and Eli's I will have quick and easy access to him at night while he's sleeping. He is 100% tube fed, and gets half his daily intake at night while he sleeps. I have to be able to hear him if he has wet burps...we don't want him laying in spit up...and if he spits up too much we don't want him to aspirate. His feed gets done at about 5:00 when the pump alarm goes off I have to turn it this will be a great way for him to be close....but yet further away than he's ever been to me at night. I'm a little nervous! :) And excited, too. He's going to be a big boy, in a twin bed, in his own room! Oh, My!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Video - Eli Hanging Out at the New House

Each day after Eli wakes from his nap, we go over to the new house. I have a mat set up for him, we take his DVD player and music and he hangs out. He also get's his 3:30 feed over there.

He doees so well! He stays on his tummy for a long time watching TV. It's great! Today I decided to video him...and a little of the empty house....check it out...