Friday, July 30, 2010

Super Star!

It was quite an honor to have Eli chosen to be the cover boy for the current issue of Playdate Magazine, a bi-monthly publication put out by our local newspaper!!  Their website describes the magazine this way:

     " and PLAYDATE Magazine are a gathering spot for Yakima Valley parents and caregivers of infants through teens. We’re all about community events and happenings, activities and recreation; about where to locate educational opportunities and fun; and about how to find useful products and services specific to the needs of busy young families."

It's currently the profile picture on their facebook page, too!

And if you'd like an autographed copy.....just let me know....we just might have a copy, or three or ten, lying around, and I'd be happy to send one to you!

It's pretty awesome to walk into the grocery store, your doctor's office, and even your favorite restaurant...and there is your son's face on the cover of a magazine in a rack!   I'm beside myself with joy!

Special thanks to Scott Klepach, and other staff members, for choosing Eli, and for being so accomodating during Eli's photoshoot.  Eli wasn't feeling well that week, and it was tough to get a good shot.  They were so patient and kind, and it was great to work with them.

I might even get to contribute a little story once in a while about raising a special needs child, and ways for local events to be more inclusive and accessible for the physically disabled. 

Very cool!

(FYI for family:  My computer died and is in the shop...I should have it back on Sunday or Monday.
Sorry if you've emailed me this week and I haven't answered.)

Monday, July 26, 2010

He did it again!

After failing an OAE hearing evaluation in his right ear in June at Children's Hospital, they recommended we see our local pediatrician to get the wax out of his ear and have him re-evaluated at Hearing and Speech Center here in Yakima.

Today was the test....but he failed the tampanagram in BOTH ears......because of fluid, so they recommended we go see the Pediatrician...again...and we got in this afternoon!

His left ear looks good...but his right ear definitely shows fluid.....
so he got a referral to a local ENT;
a prescription for Nasonex (to see if allergies are causing congestion, that is causing fluid build up),
and a prescription for a new ointment to put on his stoma.  I sure hope it works!  His bile reflux is really causing issues!!  We go to Seattle on Wednesday to see the GI....and hopefully we can pursue some answers to the bile issues he's having!!!

The best news of all is:   ELI GAINED WEIGHT AGAIN!!!

23.4 lbs as of today

YEEHAW!  Good news to share with the Doc on Wednesday.
(Summer finally made it to Yakima - it's been 100 degrees for 3 days in a row. 
Pictures are from our little swim party we had this weekend.)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eli gained weight!

H O O R A Y !!!

Eli is back to where he was last summer....22 1/2 lbs!

I sure hope we can keep this up! 

He seems a bit uncomfortable lately, and we aren't sure what it is yet.  No granulation tissue has cropped up, so it must be the increased feeds.  I'm increasing the volume very slowly, in hopes his poops can keep up!  We sure miss our happy, laughing guy when he's gone....he laughs a little, but not like what we're used to.
(I sure wish he'd learn to like some new music!  I think that would make us all happier!  Elmo must go!)

He is doing so awesome in his Bronco!  I think he'd stay out there for an hour if we'd let him!! 
(But we usually just do 30-40 minutes because he needs to get back in the house and
plugged back into his continuous feeds)

We think he's ready for the next size Bronco!  We have an appt later this month to try one out and see.

Our boy is finally growing!

H O O R A Y !!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Rocket Man

Eli's been a little off lately.  He's not loving much of his music....and not laughing much.  This makes us sad.  We feel his laughter lets us know all is right in his world.

He seems a little less excited about his Bronco riding this summer.......until yesterday!

He had a blast!  Check out our little Rocket Man:

It's a short video because I had to go stop him from running into the fence.  :)

(Disclaimer:  video is best viewed with your sound OFF!)