Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day

Eli hasn't been feeling well this last week, so he wasn't the happiest guy on Christmas Day.
There was one Ok picture of him, but I had my eyes closed! So, here is the best shot taken that day. We had a wonderful Christmas, and Santa spoiled us.
We had a yummy brunch with Lonnie's family on Christmas morning.

Eli's Nana bought him this bug toy, it plays songs and lights up. :)
He slept through the night last night, so hopefully he is on the mend, and will be our happy boy that he can enjoy his new toys soon.
He got a TMX Elmo, this bug toy, a Bird Is the Word Elmo, DVD's, books that make music, clothes, blankets, gift cert to Toys R Us, a pillow, and slippers. He did very well!


Pauline said...

I sure hope he is on the mend!
Happy Holidays!