Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Horse Therapy!

We are very lucky to have a horse therapy program here in Yakima. The Tumbleweed Ranch and Pegasus Project provide "Hippotherapy" for children with special needs. And riding therapy for older kids.

Cowboy Eli did GREAT! His body was so relaxed on Tumbleweed, the POA seen in the picture. Karla, his PT is in white. The other two work at the Ranch or are volunteers. He rode side saddle, laying on his back, laying on his tummy, and sitting up!

The greatest part of all, is when we got him home....he was in such a good mood! He just laughed and laughed and laughed for about an hour. Lonnie and I were beside ourselves.....with JOY! He was such a hoot. We are very thankful for this experience, and cannot wait to see him next time. The session lasts 8 weeks....so, you'll see a lot on the blog in weeks to come.


shi-shi said...

Eli you was that so fun or what!

I Loved watching you ride!

Lex said...

How fun! I enjoy reading your blog :). (this is Shiela's niece, by the way :)).

Pauline said...

OH how special!

Anonymous said...

Your story is so touching and very close to my heart. My son also goes to Horse therapy at Pegasus for his disabilities. I share your love for the Lord and I pray that he continues to bless your lives with the strength and love you have for your son. Feel free to call me if you would just like to talk.966-0604
MOPS Coordinator @ First Pres.