Sunday, October 19, 2008

Puke in the Eye - and Chips On Fire!!

Today started out as a very nice day. Tina was available to watch Eli today, so Lon and I had a date planned (movie? go karts?)....and then he was going to come to bible study with me.

11:30 am - Eli pooped while sitting in his KidKart eating lunch. I waited as long as I could because laying him down right after he's eating makes him spit up. I hate making him sit in it, ya know?

12:15 - I attempted a quick diaper change and the whole day went to h#ll in a hand basket! Eli puked. I rolled him over to make sure it ran out of his mouth instead of back down his airway....and I rolled him into his puke! His eye mopped up the acidic yuck that just came out of his stomach! I was horrified. I grabbed a baby wipe and started wiping it off. (NOT a good idea, it's a smelly lavender/chamomile one) Then I got some saline solution and flushed it out. He didn't quite know what to do with himself. I could tell he was very uncomfortable. I felt horrible!

It's naptime after lunch, so I went and layed down with him, but he immediately started getting a runny/stuffy nose. His system started overproducing fluids as it was trying to flush his eye.....and it got his nose going, too! I had to get the suction machine help get all the snot from gagging him.

1:00 pm - He finally fell asleep. Bless his heart.

1:50 pm - He woke up. Well, he was awake, but he won't OPEN HIS EYES! I can tell he is not sure what is going on. It was only his left eye....but his right eye is being sympathetic I guess, and it won't open either. I quickly realized our 2:30 date was not going to happen....but kept hope alive.

2:30 pm - Tina got here. Lon was too worried to leave Eli. No date happening today.

3:00 pm - I ran to Target to get eyedrops. (Did you know there are 52 kinds of eye drops at the store! I had to call the after hours triage nurse through our pediatricians office to make sure what I bought would be OK!)
Meanwhile, Eli fell asleep in Tina's arms....and took a nice 1 hour and 10 minute snooze!

4:10 pm - I got home, Eli woke up. He still won't open his eyes. He's seems scared and/or confused, because obviously, he "can't" see with his eyes closed.

5:30 pm - Lon ran to town to get us dinner, as we neither one felt like making anything, and Eli insisted on being held.

6:30 pm - Lon got home with dinner. I put Eli on the floor for a minute to go make my plate, and was going to hold him while I ate. Lon walks into Eli's dayroom, where I had left him on his tummy - only to find him rolled OFF his mat and doing a face-plant on the heater vent! Oh, yeah - that had to feel good on his sore eyes. YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, RIGHT?

I decide to put dinner in the oven to keep it warm, while I attempted to put Eli to bed for the night. WELL - LON DIDN'T REALIZE I'D ALREADY HEATED THE OVEN! He turns on the BROILER! We had the bag of tortilla chips in there with our meals.

Now, some of you may know, I've had a terrible fear of my house burning down since I was 4 years old, (me and the neighbor girl burned all the trees down in front of our apartments, and my Mom had the Fire Chief talk to us to teach us a lesson and scare us a little! Yeah - we'll he scared me for life!)

6:35 - I'm laying in bed with Eli....and I SMELL SMOKE!

We now have burn marks where chips were on fire on the floor. Lon was completely beside himself with all the trauma that had happened today.
I just couldn't help but laugh.....inside of course, because Lon wasn't in the mood to see the funny side yet.

8:10 pm - As I sit here finishing this post - I'm dying laughing. Lon wants me to come watch America's Funniest Videos.....the perfect thing for the end of this insane day!

The baby monitor is quiet. My son is eating dinner and sleeping well.

~Thank you, Lord. Please touch my son and take away his pain. Heal his eye, and let him be able to see in the morning. Thank you for helping me during these tough days. ~Amen


Heidi Case said...

Oh Amy, Im so sorry about your day. Poor Eli! I hope hes better soon.

Anonymous said...

As always in my Prayers!
Hugs to you and the E man!