Saturday, September 4, 2010

An Alien and a Robot take a Rocket to a 5th Birthday Party!

We had another wonderful party to celebrate Eli's birthday.
I can't believe my boy is 5 !!!!

The party kids loved the spaceship cupcakes.
We had 71 people at his party.  About 24 kids, not all are shown, and the rest were adults.
We call it the "End of Summer Berkheimer Bash" and have a Potluck feast with all of our friends and family.
Eli sure has a LOT of people that love him!

First we played "Stick the Alien in the Spaceship"

Then we had two teams build robots out of cardboard boxes, duct tape, egg cartons, pipe cleaners, washers, nuts and bolts.
I was so glad to see all the kids having fun....and then I heard about several who went home asking for stuff to make robots, dollhouses, and horse stables out of boxes! 

Then it was present time:
Eli only took a 30 minute nap that by this time he was getting tired...and a wee bit cranky. 
But he was still cute making some funny faces :)

 Attempt at a family picture...

Yikes!  What is this:
"a carload of aliens pulls up to a bar....."

We decorated with Aliens, Rockets, and Robots.
 And Lou Lou was in heaven, again, all day!

I found these awesome alien pajamas at Carters!
It was a good day!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Eli! Sending lots of good wishes from here.

Michelle & girls

Katy said...

You are so creative--love to see your crafty side! Lots of fantastic ideas here, Amy.

Family said...

Congrats on the birthday celebration! Just ran across your blog and I am goin to visit your links and read some of your posts - thanks for sharing! My blog is similar as my son has hydrocephalus and CP. Lifting your family in prayer!

Nicole said...

I am amazed that months have past already. time is not slowing down, I am glad he is feeling better this week and I hope that he has more days filled with laughter. Hugs!!!