Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yabba Dabba Doo!

We had a fantastic Halloween this year!
Eli was invited to a rollerskating party the Friday of Halloween weekend.  It was a private party for a brother and sister.  The brother, Wyatt, has CP and is in a wheelchair.  It was a costume party...so it gave Eli a chance to wear his costume twice!
They allowed special accomodations for the boys to go out onto the floor! :)
I had so much fun skating with my boy!!!
I googled "costumes for wheelchairs" a few weeks before Halloween...and there really aren't a whole lot of options!  But, the Fred Flintstone (and his car!) caught my eye.  I think I spent about $5 to make his costume!

Saturday night it was pumpkin carving time:

Yes, we watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!  It's tradition!

Sunday was Halloween.  My husband was disappointed that I didn't get Eli's stroller decorated as Fred's car  I bought the white material, and had the idea in my head, bu just didn't quite know how to make it all happen.  So, he went to work out in the driveway....and came up with the most fabulous Flintstone Car ever!!!

Our community has a big Halloween party at our Civic Center.  Eli's costume was a big hit!
I was so happy that we finally got to go out on Halloween!
(The last time we tried, Eli was 2, and he threw a fit for 1/2 an hour and we went home.  He goes to sleep so early, that I hadn't tried it since.)

(Professional photographers were there taking pictures!  Click the picture to go to their website)

Now, I'm trying to think what to do for Halloween next year!  How do you top a Flintstone mobile?