Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Flies By...

Eli got to wear a band-aid for the first time.  (Well, for the first time that it wasn't because his blood was drawn or shots were given!)  He scratched his heal with his toenail.  His little legs never stop....and he's sock-less most of the it was bound to happen, I guess.
He wore it all of 10 minutes before it fell off because he's such a wild man...but you know me!  I had to take pictures!

We went for a family picnic up the Yakima River Canyon - and Eli took a nap amongst nature:

Then we went to the Yakima Folklife Festival.  It was HOT!  We tried shading Eli with his stroller, and were wiping him down with wet wipes, but he got a little overheated so we left.

We visited the Yakama Nation Museum in Toppenish:

I went on an overnight camping trip with my girlfriends from work.

Eli saw his GI doc in Seattle to discuss feeding issues.  His formula change over is NOT going well.  The manufacturer of Neocate One+ decided to quit making it!  Eli is not tolerating anything else well.  Doc came up with a plan....we'll see how it goes.  Here is Eli hanging out while we eat lunch at the hospital cafeteria:

Then, we visited the Central Washington Agricultural Museum in Union Gap.  We rode on a large wagon pulled by a tractor and got a guided tour of the place:

I had a Pampered Chef party on the last Friday in July
...and have decided to become a consultant in September!

The next day, I had a yard sale with a friend.  Exhausting!

Then, on Sunday evening we hosted a BBQ for our Life Group from church...
and they played a game of Wiffle Ball:

And one day while driving to town, Eli was in a very awesome mood!
Man, I LOVE this kid...and his laugh!  :)