Wednesday, November 11, 2009

G-J Feeding Tube Is In! I'm Counting My Blessings!

Blessing Number One:
The forecast on Snoqualmie pass was calling for 3" of snow.
It was sunny and beautiful!

Blessing Number Two:
We stopped in North Bend to get Eli out of his carseat, and he fell asleep in my lap.

Blessing Number Three:
Eli did awesome with all the waiting around we had to do yesterday.  Was even a bit of a cuddle bug at times.  Even through the pain, he's a happy and good boy!

Blessing Number Four:
I caught this face on camera!  :)

Blessing Number Five:
I got some snuggle time with my boy.

Blessing Number Six:
Seattle Children's Hospital
We have had nothing but wonderful doctors and nurses attend to us there!

This is the Interventional Radiology room where the tube was placed.
See the two blue rings on top of the table?  Those are the head and foot of the 'papoose board'.
(It wasn't quite long enough and added a little extra complication.)
I was holding Eli's arms up and shoulders down with the help of an X-ray Tech, while Lonnie was holding his legs down.  There were two doctors placing the tube.
It took 20 minutes.
It was the loooongest 20 minutes I can remember since his birth!
But, it was successful and we are home and feeding him through it.  Turns out you have to vent their stomach often because the air can't escape into the bowels as well anymore.  Once we got that figured out, he was more comfortable this morning!


An AMT Mini-ONE Balloon Button (the lowest profile on the market)
(We always keep the extension attached because we use it every 30 minutes to feed him.  We used to cover it with an Ace Bandage.)
The Mic-KEY G-J Feeding Tube.  It's a monster on his skinny tummy!!!!!
This summer after his Stoma Infection, we started covering it all with Spandage.  (It helps it breathe easier)

We were worried about how comfortable it would be for him to sleep with this big new button, because he sleeps on his tummy....but he slept through the night....and even slept in a little bit! :)

We're not seeing a total transformation in him yet, but we are forever hope-full!


Amber said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first pic! So glad for all of the moments to be thankful for and...he is tiny! Oh my goodness...that button does look big on his little tummy! :0)

Katy said...

What a wonderful attitude you have! This soon after surgery adn I would be a complete wreck. Saying a prayer for some smooth and easy healing.

CocoCayubsMom said...

I love the picture of Eli, what a beautiful sweet boy. So glad for all the blessing that came your way, you truly deserve them. We will continue to pray for all of you and look forward to seeing you Thanksgiving. Love Ya!

Heidi Case said...

I DO NOT know how you could handle that for 20 minutes, when they replaced Robbie's first tube with the mic-key I almost didn't make it and it was only a few seconds. Its amazing how we find strength to do things when its our kids were doing it for.
I hope the new tube does well for him, and his pain is GONE

Candace said...

Hi Amy, we are back! I just got to read today. I hope Eli does better and you guys get the hang of thins quickly. I love the first pic and also all the others, too.

~ shi ~ said...

wow amy that is a monster button..But Oh, thankgod for some releif that he is getting! Yeah Eli..Auntie Loves you little guy!...I am in love with that picture you caught...hanging it on the fridge for sure!..Awesome shot...Oh I am praying for heaps of Blessing in you three's life!

Michelle said...

So glad things went well! Emily had that type of G-J this summer. However its a Mic-Key and she can't do that type of silicone, not sure why. She gets infected skin with it. However, her GI seems to be moving ok lately. YIPPEE. Eli sure looks cute. What a cuddly boy!


ParkerMama said...

We are about to upgrade Parker's g-tube to a Nissen due to his reflux. Interesting to me that a gj tube was never mentioned.

Glad things went so well!

Ellen said...

Hi, Amy. I came over from Katy's blog, and was glad to find you and the very handsome Eli, who reminds me of my Max a little bit. I am glad that the procedure went well. I like your blog's honesty, and your spirit! It is nice to "meet" you.

Cristin said...

We've had a Mic-Key G-tube forever (ok, like 6 years) and never a problem! Good luck!

Eli is gorgeous, you know that already though..


Cjengo said...

Thank you for sharing, so glad everything went ok