Monday, November 23, 2009

"H-e-e-e-y B-u-u-u-d-d-y" - Meeting Josh Blue!

Saturday I was lucky enough to go to a fundraiser dinner/auction and see Josh Blue perform!  He was fabulous!  Of course! :)  My friend, Angie, came with me.  She also has a son with CP.  It was such an honor to get our picture taken with him.  He was very friendly, signing copies of his CD's and DVD's.  A man in  wheelchair came up to get his picture taken with Josh, and they shook hands....which was funny because they both had crazy hands! :)  And then Josh gave him an autographed CD -for free!  The guy got so excited.  Actually brought tears to my eyes.  It was sweet!

He was on Last Comic Standing the summer of 2006.  Eli was just 10 months old.  I always held Eli, while he ate his dinner feed and fell asleep for the night, and I watched TV!  I've been a fan of Last Comic Standing since the first episode....I pick the winner every season! haha
I was so excited to see Josh Blue use his Cerebral Palsy in his act and not being afraid of it!  I also remember thinking, "His mom must be so proud of him!!"  And....he truly was funny!

I cracked up when I got home and saw his coat on the back of the chair in our picture that says, "H-e-e-e-y B-u-u-u-d-d-y-"  I say that ALL THE TIME (with the same funny drawl that Josh does)...and now that we have my mom's dog Buddy - my husband and I both say it to him everyday!  I just couldn't remember where I picked it up!  Now I know!  haha

Here is the only picture I got of him performing.  They dimmed the lights, so I couldn't get a good shot as I was zooming in!

When I got home that night, here is how I found Eli asleep in his bed:

The great news is the fundraiser was a huge success!  It raises money for Camp Prime Time.
A camp for special needs children, and their families, to be able to go have a camping experience.  Everything is accessible - even a tree house! - and it's all free to the families!
I'm hoping to get Eli on the list....I'm assuming there might be a waiting list? - and maybe we can go camping some summer in the near future.  I was so excited to hear my sister Shiela say she'd love to volunteer at the camp!  I think it would be a great experience for her and her husband! :)
Check out how cool the camp is:


Candace said...

Oh Amy, you are sooooo lucky! We love Josh Blue... He is the BOMB! Carl and I watched every episode of LCS, when he was on. We cried like babies, when he won! Such an inspiration in a funny man! Lots of people w/ disabilities do great things but not many can make a career out of being so funny! I hope you had the time of your life!

Katy said...

Cool. I've never actually seen the guy ,but I've read a lot a bout him. I don't watch much tv. . .

Anonymous said...

I am so ready to go and help get the ball rolling, and lets go!.. :0 Eli and I want to swing together!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I have to admit I've never heard of Josh. ;o)

My husband also has cerebral palsy but is not affected as profoundly as your son, as best as I can tell. He is disabled due to his left side being paralyzed, but he can walk, with a limp, though his left hand is withered and contracted, so it's useless to him.

Regarding comparing jam cake recipes, you can find mine here in this link to my recipe blog:

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Have a blessed Lord's Day.



Tracie said...

Wow that is awesome! I haven't watched that comic show, but next time I may have to! I read several of your latest entries Amy and you're such an inspiration! God Bless you, Lonnie and your precious Eli!!!