Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree.....How Lovely Are Thy....Giraffes!

Life has been a little busy around here.
It took some time for Eli to get used to his new way of eating....and we finally started increasing his calories....and then the inevitable happened....we gotta figure out how to help him get it OUT! :)
The life of a CP kid:  Calories IN.  Poops OUT.

We are confident that we are on the right path to help him feel better, and he's had a few great days in a row :)  Yahoo!  We had to quit giving him his prunes and pears because it doesn't work as well in the J-tube.
We are giving suppositories every 3 days to help him "go" and hopefully he'll get on his own schedule again soon.
We went over to Auburn (South of Seattle) on Wednesday to spend time with my family.  They have cable internet service, so I was not able to get online with my laptop for 5 days!!!  And I survived!
When I got home, I just didn't feel like blogging.....and thats why I've been gone two weeks!

(Thanks for hanging in there with me.)

I didn't really get any great pics...I was so happy visiting with my Aunt Shiela and cousin Love'e....the camera just didn't even come out much.
I know.  Imagine that!

Thanks to Emmett - our spirited cat - we have not had a Christmas tree since 2003 -
the year this picture was taken:

 So, this year I decided to try it again.  I put the tree up on a table than none of our cats seem to be fond of....and so far they have left it alone! :)  It's in Eli's dayroom, which has a pocket door - so I figured we could keep the cats out  if needed.  I am thoroughly enjoying the glow of a Christmas tree in the evenings!  I'm also happy Eli gets to enjoy it this year, too.

Here are Eli and Piper hanging out while I untangle lights....

After decorating the tree, I decided to put all of Eli's small giraffes in the tree...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way it turned out!

It looks just perfect in his Giraffe themed day room.
See the Toy Story ornament in the bottom of this photo?  It's his 2009 ornament.

Can you believe I found this cool Carousel Giraffe for his FIRST Christmas?

Last night and into today we had the most wild and crazy wind storm I've ever experienced.
ALL.NIGHT.LONG. The wind blew so loudly - I felt like I was at the beach with airplanes flying overhead!
It started around 9 pm last night - snowed a little - then just kept whipping until about 3 pm this afternoon.

Lon just finished getting all the leaves picked up yesterday.
Now we have to go pick up branches from our Weeping Birch trees.
It's never ending yard clean up around here!

But I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I love our home.


Candace said...

Hi Amy, Nice to see you posting...LOVE LOVE LOVE the giraffe tree. Very unique and I am sure Eli will enjoy it more! Very nice pics!

Katy said...

Love the idea of a giraffe tree. I love theme trees. I usually do an LSU tree (my college), but with the Saints having such a good season I'm thinking about doing a Saints tree instead. At the rate I'm going it will be no tree at all:)

Karen said...

What a great tree! That looks like a perfect place for it. I bet Eli is enjoying it.

Lydia said...

Hello!! I'm lovin the giraffe's so unique!
I'm new to blogger and was just wondering if you could help me out with backgrounds? Yours are super cool!
Much thanks