Monday, July 26, 2010

He did it again!

After failing an OAE hearing evaluation in his right ear in June at Children's Hospital, they recommended we see our local pediatrician to get the wax out of his ear and have him re-evaluated at Hearing and Speech Center here in Yakima.

Today was the test....but he failed the tampanagram in BOTH ears......because of fluid, so they recommended we go see the Pediatrician...again...and we got in this afternoon!

His left ear looks good...but his right ear definitely shows fluid.....
so he got a referral to a local ENT;
a prescription for Nasonex (to see if allergies are causing congestion, that is causing fluid build up),
and a prescription for a new ointment to put on his stoma.  I sure hope it works!  His bile reflux is really causing issues!!  We go to Seattle on Wednesday to see the GI....and hopefully we can pursue some answers to the bile issues he's having!!!

The best news of all is:   ELI GAINED WEIGHT AGAIN!!!

23.4 lbs as of today

YEEHAW!  Good news to share with the Doc on Wednesday.
(Summer finally made it to Yakima - it's been 100 degrees for 3 days in a row. 
Pictures are from our little swim party we had this weekend.)


Candace said...

Yeah for weight gain! SO happy to hear that good news, Amy! I know you are over the moon!

Anonymous said...


Katy said...

Love that weight gain! Charlie had tubes put in a while back. I have to take nasonex every day or I get fluid in my ears too--I think some people just get lousy tube or something: (