Thursday, September 20, 2007

Seattle Trip Cancelled this week

We were supposed to go to Seattle on Monday for Eli's pH probe study...but he ended up getting sick over the weekend, so we cancelled last minute. I think it's just a cold, but he's pretty miserable and not tolerating his feeds that well. Not to mention that sitting in a car seat is AWFUL right now for him! UGH!

The test has been rescheduled for Oct. 1st. Tammy's birthday! We'll think of you while eating in the hospital cafeteria! :) Let's hope he's all better by then!

So, it's been a crazy week here...hoping he gets better and me starting to feel worse.
I am supposed to go scrapbooking this weekend...and will be very sad if I can't go.

Here's a silly picture I took in August. Lon thinks he looks like a chef. haha