Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Farewell to a Friend

Cheryl and Amy - Halloween 1999 at Gasseling's Farm

My dear friend, and Sorority Sister, Cheryl Walker passed away this morning after a very long and courageous battle with breast and brain cancer.
I'll never forget all the wonderful sorority trips we took together, so many sorority memories, and our rubberstamping/crafting addiction. :)
I'll miss you my friend.
Cheryl, Amy, and Sharon
Auburn BSP Conclave 2000
Riding the Merry Go Round at the Auburn Super Mall


Anonymous said...

Hi Sis,

Sorry for your loss :( I am so glad you got to see her a few times to share your friendship and memories with her! Love ya shi

Pauline said...

Sorry for your loss! Know that you were part of a well loved and lived life!
Remember the good times!