Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oh, What a Night!

Well....last night Eli decides to wake up "rockin' and rollin'" at Midnight. Luckily I quickly got him back to sleep in bed with us. Lon wakes me up an hour later...and I successfully transferred Eli back to his crib, and plugged his night feed back in.
When Lon's alarm went off at 4:00, I got up and unplugged Eli (since the pump usually runs until his feeding bag is empty.)
He normally wakes up around 5 am, and I like to let his food digest a while before he wakes up. Well, he decided to make the night even MORE special...by waking up at 4:20! Very uncomfortable....body moving like he's got ants in his pants. Poor guy.
I took him out to the living room, and gave him Tylenol. Hopefully, he starts to feel better soon.
I heard some gas in his tummy...may it work itself out of the body very quickly!

Ok, back to bed for me....it's Lon's turn to hang out with Eli now. :)