Friday, March 28, 2008

Wanna see my scrapbook layouts?

I am now putting all my scrapbook LO's in an online gallery at

Visit to see my gallery.

My friends at work had my blog address blocked by their IT person, and so they can no longer view it. I've gotten out of the habit of posting to my blog because I feel like no one is reading it.

IF YOU ARE READING MY BLOG - PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS SO I KNOW I AM NOT JUST TYPING TO MYSELF! :-)~ You don't have to have a blogger account or gmail address to do please...comment away! Thanks!

PAULINE - thank you so much for being the only person who regularly leaves me comments so I know I am actually being read. :)


Lorie said...


I read you blog! I don't remember how I stummbled upon your blog but I like to read it because I too have a son with CP and a g-tube, I'm also a Christian. Your little boy is adorable and your zest for life is inspiring. Lorie

Pauline said...

:) you are welcome ..

brenda said...

i have been reading this blog for a while now how else will i see pictures of my nephew. can't beeive how big he is getting .
take care your sister in law brenda higginbotham