Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lucky Me!

We've had four wonderful days since coming home from the hospital!  Eli is in a great mood, sleeping well, and so much fun to hang out with.  :)

We are trying to keep Eli's head higher than his tummy when he's lying down.  We've always had his crib and bed lifted....but never his mat during the day.  So, Lon had the creative idea to put his old mat under the top half of his new one.  It's working great...except he moves so much we have to reposition him more often to keep his head up on the high part!  :)

So Eli now had a big blue wall in front of him for tummy time....and I quickly took the opportunity to do a little crafting!!  LOL!  This morning was his first time seeing the cute little Giraffe, Elephant, & Octopus I made for him.  He hung out on his tummy for a long time.  I think he likes them!

Monday night I found Eli with his thumb almost in his mouth, while he was sleeping. 
Can't pass up that photo opportunity!
And best of all...he can comfortably sit in his Bronco again for feedings!
AND he'll play with a toy while he's in there!  He likes his bead path toy a lot.
We need to find a bigger one for him to play with on the floor.


Anonymous said...

love these pic's amy, I am so glad your days are brighter and Mr. E is feeling so much better! YEA, thank You Jesus! Blessings and huge hugs to all! love Shi~

Belle' said...

His pictures look like he's such a sweet boy! Glad he's doing well - there's no place like home!

Riley's gift is in the mail to him...

~ Catherine