Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ask Me About My Child

Please ask me about my child,
the one that has been through so much.
He has special needs, and life right now is rough.
I won't be offended with the questions that you have,
it hurts more when you keep silent,
and pretend he doesn't exist.
I need to talk about him,
and know that we have been missed.

-Jessica Pruitt  (Inspired from the writings of Emily Dent)


rick said...

Oh, sweetheart. I think sometimes we don't say much just in case you're having an okay day; we try not to remind you of your hardships. But I can't speak for others. It's hard to know what's best. By saying what you have here, we now know you need to discuss your boy more.

None of us can know how difficult this is for you and Eli and Lon. I can't imagine. It is painful to always think of Eli as a special needs kid. Just how much he needs every minute of every day. It's hard to know the breadth of your suffering. My apologies for the silence. I will try to be more tender and read between the lines.

For me, my relationship began with you, my baby sis, so I generally try to keep 'us' light and airy--rather a break from your daily struggle/reality/routine. We have a lot in common on lighter notes, as mothers, housewives, girls and sisters. Yet it is ever in the back of my mind that you suffer as Eli suffers, perhaps even more so at times.

Pour your heart out here. It can only help. The more you tell us on bad days, the more able we are to know what to say to help ease your burden. Love you both immensely!

ox rick

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is a wonderful picture Amy!

Oh sweetie, I love you so much! As always I am here for you in any fashion you need, well except moving, not yet anyway! Huge Hugs for you and Lonnie and The E-Man...

I want you to know my prayers are continual for all three of you as you travel uphill, backwards, on your elbows! Well I don't know about all that, But I am sure it must feel like that sometimes!

And remember you are "AMY" Grandma's Granddaughter, Mom's baby and our Lil' Sis...And that a great place to be in! Boy do you have good Blood! But that just how we roll!

VR said...

Just letting you know that I think about you and pray for you daily. I found your blog through a friend, and I visit often for updates - hoping you had a good day. Your site is beautiful, your family is beautiful and your writing is beautiful. You remind me to cherish what I have and not to complain about a cold or flu bug that comes and goes. If I could give you a hug, or just one wonderful day, I would. You are amazing! Thank you for sharing.

Holly said...

Who doesn't like to talk about their child? Whether they are healthy, sick, special needs, or are in Heaven they all deserve to be acknowledged.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
I've just stumbled across your blog and it's had me in tears.
Your writing is so articulate and beautiful. Your son Eli is gorgeous and such a blessing.
I have 3 children and 2 of them have autism so I understand special needs kids but in a different way than you do. Your "about me" section touched me the most as I also believe that without Jesus I wouldn't be able to do this highly stressful but amazingly rewarding parenting gig!
He is also my everything and my all and daily I try to remember to thank him for my precious children - challenges and all!