Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Puppy Love

Ok - they're not puppies anymore, but I couldn't resist
snapping up some pictures when I saw
Sam and Lou Lou snuggling yesterday!
Who's ready for Spring???  I AM, I AM!!!
This crazy snowy weather can go away now!
I'm ready for S U N S H I N E ! !
Doesn't a nap in the shade sound good?
(Tigger loves to lay like this!)


Sit A Spell said...

Love these photos! Our cat used to lay on his back that way! I am soooo ready for Spring. I am in Michigan and it's 34 and gloomy here today. ugh.

I wanted to tell you...I am a long time friend of Catherin's and I adore her. She has a great heart and I love how I've found your blog because of it. I will be praying for Eli...and you.

Lex said...

Awh, that's a really cute picture of your dogs :).