Tuesday, September 29, 2009


First, I'd like to apologize to those of you who are Facebook friends and you read my blog, because you have to see the same pictures in both places. But, as I have different readers here, I like to share with them, too! Plus, my blog is my journal. I hope to get it printed in book form someday. (but everytime I try the website doesn't work for me! Anyone have success anywhere printing your blog in a book? Let me know!)

Eli went to the fair when he was 1 month old and again when he was 13 months old. But, we haven't gone the last two years. With him doing so well these days, and loving to watch kids, we decided to give it a go this year. Eli did really well, even with all the crowds. Our valley doesn't have school on the Monday of our 10 day Fair so the kids can go....since so many used to skip and go anyway. It's "Franz Bread Day"...if you take a specially marked bag from Franz bread you get fair admission and a ride bracelet for only $25! It's a steal....and the fair is packed!

Here we are after arriving at the fair:

Eli rode the carousel for the first time:

...round and round we go....

We keep trying to figure out the best hat for Eli to wear in his stroller. So he got a new baseball cap. Spiderman, no less! :) I can't tell if he looks like a "gangsta" or a "hick". hahaha!!

There was a very friendly goat that let Eli pet him....and then he nibbled on Eli's fingers. It was so cute!

And the splurge of the day was getting a caricature drawn:

The artist was great!

...and here is the finished product! I love it!

We took Eli's caregiver, Tina, with us...but then Lon and I ended up not riding any rides or anything.
Oh, well. Maybe next year!

Final tally:
Admission Price: $36.00 for 3 adults
Parking: $12.00 for 2 cars
Fair Food: $14.75
($5 Elephant Ear, $6 Curly Fries, $3 Pepsi, $.75 Taffy)
License plate with Eli's name on it: $3.99
Spiderman Hat: $8.00
Caricature: $20.00
Taking Eli to be a part of this huge community event: PRICELESS!


Shay said...

I'm so happy he got to go out with you all and do this! I love the Charicature! Looks a a fun family day !

Michelle said...

I remember riding the carousel with Emily when she was small. Its difficult to take her on rides like that now because of her hips. I love the picture of Emi, that guy did a great job.

Michelle said...

Oops, I mean I love the picture of Eli! I was thinking about the image of Emily we got at Disneyland, similar.

Candace said...

WHOOO HOO, Eli! How fun! I am so glad that you guys got to go and have some fun. I love the drawing, too.

Mom Of Many said...

What a fun day! It looks like Eli had a blast and I absolutely love the caricature (or however you spell it) of him. It's perfect!!

Much love from Illinois(today)! xo

Katy said...

What a great time! I think Charlie might be a little too young for the fair, but you've got me thinking that the merry-go-round might be perfect!!!! Inspiration!

Raisingarrows said...

Your son is gorgeous! So glad you are sharing him.
~amy @ Raising Arrows
ps-thanks for stopping by the blog!

Melanie said...

That sounds like a wonderful day. And I love the caricature of Eli. How awesome!

You guys have an award over at our blog, come by and pick it up! It will look wonderful on your blog!! (by the way I love the colors!)