Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The World Revolves Around Me

Eli started preschool yesterday.  It's his second year, but  he didn't really get to attend much last year.  He started getting sick in November, and wasn't well again until we got his nutrition/digestion issues figured out in March!  We couldn't afford for him to get a cold or flu, and lose weight, so we kept him out of school.
But this year, I was a little excited for him to start.  He weighs 3.5 pounds MORE than he did last year!  He's made so much progress this summer...I hope he enjoys some time around other kids.
Here he is, as we get ready to leave home:
...and here we are at school in the parking lot...
His shirt says, "The World Revolves Around Me". 
Our world truly does! :)
Here he is in his class.  We were 5 minutes late, and circle time was over.  Dang it.
Then it was time for recess...
and there are not paths for wheelchairs, and not ONE SINGLE piece of equipment for special needs kids to play with, on, or around!
He had fun listening to his music, though....
And so Mama Bear goes into her "something's got to be done about this!" mode!
In the preschool classes, there are three boys with wheels.  They need a place to roll.
Things to touch, hear, and see.  So, I'm working on it!  I'm going to start fundraising and get some equipment for their playground.  The principal is on board, I now just have to go through all the steps.
And raise money!
We will do it!  I know we can.  I have several parents ready to help me!
Back in the class, it was circle time.  Eli still had his music on.  He's laughing.  Again.  :)
Time to head home.  It was a beautiful sunny day!
Eli was the only kid in the class with new clothes and shoes.  Did I over-do it for my 4 year old?
Don't these just make you want a pair?  Rubik's Cube Converse!  Yeah, baby!


Candace said...

Amy, SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! Eli is such a big boy! He looks like he loved school. I think it is great that they let you accompany him! I know some of the schools around here are not so accomidating. Yes, they must get some acceptable equipment for those babies!

Shay said...

Those converse are so cute!
I cant believe that they don't have any wheelchair paths!

Anonymous said...

I know you can also!..You go sis...Start changing Eli's world and his friends... :)

Anonymous said...

Eli, you always have the coolest shoes!

Katy said...

The amount of money I waste on new clothes for Charlie! Of course he will have a new first-day outfit.

There's a company called Learning Structures that helps communities save money on playground equipment by building it themselves. I seem to recall reading that they've done some accessible equipment. Also, at our local accessible playground they have cool sensory stuff that Charlie loves like a giant xylephone. Sounds like a fabulous project.

rick said...

THE SHOES! THE SHOES! A man after my own heart. This has been the best post ever about my nephew! He looked amazing. Oh, thanks for this, Aim. I'm getting misty over here!

ox auntie rick