Saturday, February 20, 2010

Eli's In the Hospital

I've been sick about 10 days. I could tell Eli was getting it...but seemed to be doing ok.

All that changed Thursday!

He went quickly downhill that afternoon, and we ended up in the ER by 6 pm. They admitted him and we've been here 2 nights. They ran all the required tests, bloodwork, x-rays, etc....and everything came back fine.

VERDICT: a simple cold kicks Eli's butt!

(First hospital stay in a big bed! No crib! Yahoo!)

The congestion gets really bad because he has such a floppy airway, and doesn't swallow well. He can't manage his secretions and gets congested. Then he has a weak it takes lots of coughing and sneezing....and tons of help him get better.
(he slept great both nights)

They've had him on blow-by oxygen (see the cup above his head) while we're here...his sats were hanging out around 94-96, but this morning he's mainting 97-98. I think we'll need to turn the O2 off soon and see how he does on his own.

He was Mr. Mellow most of Friday...making this face alot:
(this is the "why does it hurt every time I swallow" face)
Then, Friday afternoon, he started to 'wake up'...and get his personality and energy back.

And his laugh:

To top it all off, though, his stoma is still bothering him. I can see granulation tissue....we're hoping that someone from the Wound Care dept. can see him before we get released...but we are quite eager to go if they can't come early this a.m. .... we'll just go without seeing them.

We want outta here!


Michelle said...

Gosh I'm sorry to hear he is in the hospital! Keep your eye on that pump. It can over pump if the bags are hanging too high. I'll be praying for Eli. Let us know when you guys go home.

Michelle from the other side.

Jeanette said...

I am so sorry. Our thoughts and good wishes are with you and your family.

Cjengo said...

Poor lil baby, can we send him some stuffed animals? POOR THING! Get better soon!

Katy said...

It can be tough--especially when they're not very good at adjusting their bodies to get that funk out!

So glad he's doing better!

Candace said...

Oh Amy, I am soooo sorry, friend! Poor Eli, that is such a sad face! I sure hope he starts to mend quickly. I hate to hear it...We will be praying for you all, sister!

Verna said...

Oh Amy, I hope Eli gets to feeling better soon. It is hard being sick yourself, but even harder to see you loved ones not feeling well.
Our prayers are with you.