Thursday, February 4, 2010

Osteopathic Manipulation

Last week, we started a new therapy for Eli.
Osteopathic manipulation.
Yesterday was his second he is waiting to see the Doctor.
This new therapy is a gift from God.
I met a gal named Heather, in my bible study, that is going to the new medical school in our town, that trains Osteopath Doctors.  I've been having my group pray for Eli, of course, and one night after class she asked me about him.  She told me how their therapy can help with pain and digestion....which seem to be Eli's two biggest issues.  She offered to talk to her favorite professor, Dr. Woods, and ask if he'd see Eli - for free.

Well, last Wednesday, they came to our house and did their first therapy on him.
They came to our house!!
Yesterday, we went to the college and he did the therapy in front of her entire class of about 80 students.
It was awesome.  At one point Dr. Woods asked me if I had anything to say.   I told the students,
"If meeting Eli makes any of you want to help kids like him, that would be awesome."

We've now been referred to a local Osteopath to continue his manipulations.  We'll see how it goes :)

 Eli hasn't been in the greatest moods lately, so I haven't been taking many pictures. But, the other night he and his Daddy were hanging out together, and he was laughing - so I grabbed my camera and got these gems:



Eli has been spending a lot of time on his tummy lately.  We're not sure why.  He drools alot so we keep dry burp cloths under his face.  Unfortunately, when he's ready to roll over onto his back....we end up with this: 
"Hello!  Somebody help me out here!"

I get a giggle out of about you?

Yesterday, his Tigger toy was in his face - and he grabbed it and pushed it away from him!  His caregiver and I were sitting there talking, and we watched it happen!  We were both SO EXCITED!
Maybe someday he'll learn to get his burp cloths off his face!

Oh, and while we're talking about rolling over.  Eli has always been good at rolling from his back onto his tummy by rolling to the left.  This last week, however, he has mastered rolling to his RIGHT!
Sweet!  He can pop his arms out from underneath him like nothing now!  I'm so proud of him!


ShannonDBR said...

That is awesome. There are no accidents.

God works in very mysterous ways.


Candace said...

I have heard a little about this stuff before but can't remember what it's all about, Amy. You should blog about it for all us ingoramos' out here!

Michael said...

Amy, check out The Cranial Academy at as this is the professional organization which promotes and teaches Osteopathic physicians the techniques Eli is receiving. This is an amazing area of medicine not yet incorporated into the mainstream of medicine. One of the premier practices for children like Eli is in southern California called the Osteopathic Center for Children founded by Dr. Viola Fryman, check out her website at I had the privilege to train under her for a short time.
God Bless,
Mike Knapp, DO

Michelle said...

Wow, Amy, what a great post. I remember when Emily was in the same spot, getting blankets on her face and not being able to get them off. She's pretty good about sweeping them away now. But you should see, she can now grab her pony and put it on her face and neck for comfort or fun. Its pretty cool.

Katy said...

I love to hear about progress! So funny with that blanket on his face.

Anonymous said...

I am so PROUD of Eli too!... He must get those smarts from his Auntie.. :) Way to Roll Eli .....