Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mission Accomplished

I promised to post some pictures yesterday.  Looks like that didn't happen.  But, better late than

Our weather has been interesting to say the least.  It's been a super mild winter, and the last couple weeks we've had days where it was 50 degrees.  Our plants think it's time to start budding and growing....poor things were shocked to wake up to 20 degree weather yesterday morning!

Whenever the sun is shining, and there is no wind - we take Eli outside for his Bronco ride.  Even through his healing after his cold, he was still a trouper and was able to do a lap or two.

My old point and shoot camera is starting to have a malfunction with the shutter opening.  Every once in a while, I don't notice it right away - and end up with a picture that looks framed.  I kinda like it on the picture above.  Almost looks edited and on purpose.  Almost.

Some days we bundle up more than others.
His bib says, "I'd rather be eating cookies, cake, and candy"
It's one of my favorites.
Only the parent of a tube fed kid wishes their kid ate junk food, eh?

Eli was in a really good mood on I decided to get some pictures of him in our big chair to compare them to when we first moved in our house.
August 2008           -           March 2010

Don't let these pictures deceive you.  He hasn't grown that tall!  The chair was brand new in 2008 and the back was tall and stiff!  Now it's breaking down and it looks like he's taller because his head is above the cushion.  I wish he had grown that much!  He's maybe grown an inch....but still weighs only 22 lbs.


Eli has learned a new life skill.
How to put himself to sleep!

Lonnie and I have argued about this one for a while...because I love helping put him to sleep.  I held him for his first 3 years.  Then for the last year we've laid down on the floor by him and held his hand to help him fall asleep.  But, now he has decided he doesn't need us.  When he's tired he rolls over and gets into a very weird position...and falls asleep!
 His left arm is tucked underneath him!

That afternoon he became a man on a mission.
To where?...we don't know!...but look how he ended up:

I guess it's better to see the TV this way!
Let's call this TWO missions accomplished!


Candace said...

Oh Amy, the pictures are fabulous! Eli always seems so happy! Even if he hasn't grown much. I love his bib. When I was pregnant I thought "my kid will never eat junk" but now I think "if she will eat gold bricks, I would feed it to her!" Oh how we are knocked off our pedistals!

Katy said...

Well, he's definitely making progress, isn't he? I wish I could leave charlie to sleep. He'll call out ot you to "help" him if he doesn't fall asleep right away.

Yeah, I let Charlie taste all sorts of stuff I probably wouldn't--I figure calories are claories.

Pauline said...

Hey Amy he looks like he can better control his leg in the chari pictures :)

Lynnette Kraft said...

Enjoying the sunshine! It does wonders for me. :)

Yeah for Eli learning how to put himself to sleep - but yeah for you for holding him while he went to sleep for 3 years. Not a thing wrong with that. If it's time to move on, it's time, but you had beautiful time together.

Thinking of you.

Nicole said...

I just want to tell you what a blessing it is to see your Eli's sweet smile. thank you for sharing it with all. I hope to see you next Friday. :) Happy day to you!!

Anonymous said...

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