Monday, March 8, 2010


It's been a loooooong month.  Too much sickness in our house!  But, I am completely well.  Eli is finally back to himself.  And my hubby is slowly finding relief from his he just has to deal with the cough for a while longer.  It seems to be the last thing to go.

It's been pretty quiet around here as we've been a bit housebound.  But, Spring is coming early....or at least teasing us right now.  We've had sunshine, 55 degree days, and it's just been gorgeous!  My flowers are shooting up through the ground!  My Hydrangea made it!  Hooray!!!  4 of my 7 Bleeding Hearts are sprouting up.  3 of my 4 Peonies.  And the buds on my Lilacs are HUGE already!

And the Box Elders came back in droves a week ago.  I could totally do without those little creeps!

Eli's had a couple Bronco rides outside.  He will need a little Spring Training to get back up to the speed and distance he ended with last Fall.  But, for just getting over being sick - he's done great!

I'm involved in two bible study's through church...and I cannot say enough good about the study called "Downpour" by Paul McDonald!  Awesome!  Life Changing!  Heart Changing.  Phenominal.

I have some pics in the camera, but haven't loaded them on my computer that promises you another post tomorrow! :)


Candace said...

Ahhhhh flowers!!!!!
Still looking foward to daffodils here in SC! Good to hear Eli and you both are hanging in! Keep up the posts, Friend!

Katy said...

Hooray for spring! That bible study sounds awesome.

Abbey said...

Horray for spring and the end to the season of colds and flus! Here's to good health and warm weather:)