Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blogging vs. Facebook

I'm torn.

As of today I have 226 friends on Facebook. I love the instant gratification of updating my status or posting pictures and immediately having a response to it! Whether people just click the "like" button (letting me know they were there) or comment (which makes me feel so connected to the outside world) - it makes me feel happy. My special world feels not so lonely. I have family and friends encouraging me's quick, easy, and just plain fun!

Blogging takes time. Time to pull all my thoughts together so I don't sound like a moron. Time to load the pictures into Blogger. Time to edit it all so it sounds coherent and the pictures go where they are supposed to. Time to wait for feedback. Then time to wonder why I put so much effort into my blog when the payoff is so small. I've always viewed my blog as a journal, so I rememeber dates and times of special events.....but Facebook is able to do that also, with much less effort.

Don't get me wrong! I'M SO THANKFUL FOR THE HANDFUL OF YOU WHO FOLLOW ME AND COMMENT REGULARLY! I've built some great blogland friendships because of your faithfulness!

But, I'm trying to figure out how much time on the computer is TOO much time. Lonnie and I have talked about implementing one day a week where we spend it "Unplugged". I've given up reading several of my favorite blogs because it just all takes too much time!

I could be using my time to read my bible. More books. Learn about how to better care for Eli. We could go more places and meet more people and do more things.

Spring is here. Life is shifting for me. I'm not sure where I will end up, but I'm taking some time to figure it all thank you for understanding my long absences on my blog.

We did go do something fun yesterday! We have a local magazine our newspaper puts out bi-monthly called Playdate. It's full of info for entertaining your kids in our valley. Well, yesterday they had and Expo downtown at our convention center. It was full of booths of local vendors and home sales party companies....but it was also full of wonderful kids activities. There were two big jumpers. Play areas. Game areas. Arts and Crafts areas. A stage with fun shows to watch. A food court. Face painting. And the best part of all: Characters roaming around for you to get your picture taken with!

Eli finally got to meet Ronald McDonald:

I worked there in high school, so it was a big deal for me. I really wanted this for my scrapbooks!

It totally cracks me up that he's making a funny face like "Get this weirdo away from me!"
Eli was having a bad day. Turns out his stoma is infected....again!
So, we didn't last very long at the Expo. It was crowded and noisy and he couldn't hear his music.
His tummy hurt and his body was wild. Being in his stroller wasn't his idea of a good afternoon so we came home after about 45 minutes.
There's always next year, right?


Verna said...

Hope Eli is feeling better.

I know what you mean about blog agains facebook. Yet, I do enjoy blogging. Just don't have as much to blog about when my life is so routine, and nothing exciting going on.

I take spells where I have more time then others, so that is when I catch up reading on the blogs. I don't always comment, but I do try and keep up how you guys are doing.

Love ya, hang in there, and have a great day.

Candace said...

Oh Amy, YOU cannot quit blogging! I have been missing your posts but I don't use facebook. I am always checking for you, though! I would miss you and little Eli's sweet face!

Katy said...

I'd die without blogging--it helps keep me sane. Don't get me wrong, I like FB too, but blogging is my life-line.

But I always say do what makes sense for you!

Anonymous said...

Amy-Roo..No QUIT..NO..NO..I won't let you...Blogging is differant...Stay...Chronical your life for all of us..beside I am Blessed by being able to pray for so many wonderful ppl..and I can tell you have alot of ppl praying for you too!..Listen to your big sis...!..and that's that!..oxoxox

pss..see ya on FB and out Ipods..hahahahaha it's your turn you know!

The Boob Nazi said...

Blogging is different from and better than facebook! haha

Also, my sister lives on the other side of the sound from Seattle, and I loooveee visiting her. I'm pretty sure it has stolen my heart already haha.

Brenda said...

I feel the exact same way...I find myself on Facebook more than I blog these days

Lisa said...

Hi Amy, I followed you here from FB, ironically. I posted a reply to you about elbow pads for Eli and wanted to "meet" your little guy.

He is so precious and I do love his "get the heck away from me!!!" face. :)