Thursday, June 21, 2007

My First Post


Well, I don't have much to say right now because I am busy getting ready for a Yard Sale this weekend. Stay posted for news about Eli, life at the Berkheimer "cat farm", scrapbooking layouts, and whatever else strikes my fancy to share with the world.

Today is the first day of summer! YAHOO!!

It's also the 9th anniversary of the death of my dear Gram. I miss her so much. I was only 26 when she died....and I didn't realize the loss of information that was happening. Now that I am 35, I think of things all the time that I want to ask her. Luckily, she passed a lot of this great info on to my sisters.

Gotta go - Eli's fussing...he's very particular about which Sesame Street CD he listens to this week. Today is Sing-along Songs. How many times can you do the Hokey Pokey in one day you might ask? Well, let me tell you - about 15! HA!

But, it's making my baby laugh and laugh - so it's all good. Teething molars has not been fun for him - or me - so I'm glad to be able to keep him happy all day.

I've added a picture of him laughing at today's CD. Enjoy...


Tracie said...

Eli is ADORABLE! Look at that smile! He is such a QT!!! I will be looking forward to reading all about his progress and growing up and hope one day they can find a cure for CP - is that what they call it for short?