Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eli in Swim Therapy

I forgot to add a post about Eli's swim therapy. Here he is with is PT, Laura.

We LOVE Laura! She is so good with Eli. His body relaxes really nicely in the heated therapy pool and Children's Village, and she gets lots of good stretches out of him.

This day, 06/01/07, they were playing with a ball, and Eli would bat it away from him...Laura got excited, and I got it on "film"! This was a fun day.

Last week wasn't. His stoma was getting infected, and I didn't know it yet. He was very fussy in therapy, and only lasted in the pool about 20 minutes. The next day I could see the infection, so we nursed it through the weekend, and took him to the Dr. on Monday. He's been on the antibiotic for three days and it's already better. yahoo!


Tracie said...

WTG ELI! Swimming is the best thearpy for so many things, glad he loves it!!!