Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eli's Bronco Gait Trainer

Tuesday night Eli stayed in his Bronco for over 20 minutes! That is a long time for him! When he feels good, he is such a Hard Worker!

He was having a pretty good time. I brought him in the kitchen with me while I made dinner, and would stop every few minutes and take him for a "ride around the house". His body was doing so you can see he was holding onto the handlebars with BOTH hands. :)

When Lon got home from work he started cruising him around the house, and doing "cookies" in the dining room. They had fun.

As you can see there are burp cloths attached on the Bronco. Those are to catch Eli's slobbers!
He just drips like a faucet in that thing.

All the books and towel behind his back and head are for support. He likes to arch his head back, and this prevents it from going to far back. It looks crazy, but it works!


Tracie said...

Wow a bronco at such a young age!! ;) I didn't even notice the books behind him but hey whatever works I say!