Saturday, June 23, 2007

Altered Altoid Tin with Mini Album inside

Here is the craft I made last night at the party I went to with my friends Megan and Victoria. You take an Altoid tin and glue paper and embellishments on it. Then create an accordian album to go inside. These albums were to be "All About Me", so I plan to fill it in with pictures of all my favorite things.

Afterwards we went to Dairy Queen. I found it interesting that we all wanted one of the new Waffle Bowl Sundaes, but we each got a different flavor. I got the Turtle Sundae w/o the waffle dipped in chocolate. I don't think very many people get the plain waffle because the kid behind the counter made quite a big deal out of trying to get me to get it dipped. "No Thanks" the third time finally got him to believe me :)


Tracie said...

Scrapbooking with friends is the best, that seems to be the ONLY time I really get anything done for ME!!! One year I got 65 pages done in one weekend!!

DQ has some great treats, it's a good thing there are none close to me otherwise I'd be much wider than I already am!!!