Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick Or Treat!

In his pockets are: a duck, a pig, & a cow. At his feet are: a horse & a sheep.

I took Farmer Eli (aka "Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Eli-Eli-Oh")
trick or treating at his Nana's house, and then we went to our church for their Fall Carnival.
He started crying at Nana's and then screamed the whole time we were at the church!
I think he was overstimulated with all the kids, and people, and noise and different lights.
As soon as we got outside, he was fine! He fell right to sleep when we got home and I fed him dinner. I sure hope he gets a good night's make up for the energy he exerted tonight!
The hat and bandana didn't last long! The bandana got soaked from his drool, and the hat was just plain annoying! He was soooo cute, though!


Pauline said...

YOu are so GOOD ... love the outfit .. very creative!