Wednesday, October 3, 2007

pH probe, a private room! and giraffes.

The doggy was a gift from the admitting staff. The frog was a gift from the nurse who put the pH probe in. Nice gestures, huh?!

Eli did so great at the hospital! When they put the probe up his nose and into his esophogus, he coughed and sneezed a little...then when I fed him...he had a couple little sneezing fits...and then he was settled and was so happy while we were there. He was content with his movies and music. Relaxed in my arms when I fed him. Took his naps. Slept through the night!
Hello! What's up with that? He's been sooooooooo fussy at home for a long time now...and the car trip over was not fun for him, but then the hospital environment makes him a happy kid?

Hmm. We are really pondering this one. First on the list, is we are going to rearrange his little "world" he lives in. His mat, TV, toys, etc. Maybe that is a major bore to him?
The drive home was not fun either, but we made it.

We stopped in North Bend at bought a few pairs of pajamas for winter, and got back on the road again. Did I ever tell you I LOVE CARTER's at the outlet mall? Gosh they have the cutest stuff, and it's all so soft and comfy for Eli. I just love going there. They always have what I need for him. He gets too hot in those fleece sleepers, and so far each Fall they have footie/zippered PJ's that are just a thin cotton. Perfect for my boy! :)

We couldn't believe it. A ROOM OF OUR OWN! Hallelujah! The room we were to have was a shared room, but wasn't ready when we checked in (we were a little early) so they let us have the private room! It was fabulous. Our best night in the hospital ever.
The cafeteria at Children's is awesome. It is not your average hospital food. It's more like a buffet restaurant. So, the whole experience was good. I met a gal in the cafeteria who was pushing her little girl in a stroller like Eli's, so I stopped to talk to her. We discussed the faults of the stroller, and our kids issues, and exchanged emails. You just never know who you are going to meet there!

Finally, we were staying in the Giraffe wing of the hospital. Lonnie also ended up in room 103 at Ronald McDonald House, which is the room we stayed in when Eli was there after birth. It had pictures of Giraffes on the I took pictures of them this time. I also bought Eli a cute stuffed Giraffe at the gift shop. (Hey, it's a tradition I started. Everytime he spends the night in the hospital I buy him a little gift) I still have a puppet I was given at age three when I was in the hospital after my appendix burst and I had it removed. These kinds of things are special to me.

So, we find out results from the pH probe later this week. Will post info when we know something...


Pauline said...

You are such a positive ray of inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracie said...

I'm so glad to hear that the whole experience was a pleasant one because you just never know I'm sure!! You truly have a great handle on things and I'm in such awe of you. Eli is such a special gift and as always I will continue to keep him in my prayers.