Saturday, August 2, 2008

Video - Eli Hanging Out at the New House

Each day after Eli wakes from his nap, we go over to the new house. I have a mat set up for him, we take his DVD player and music and he hangs out. He also get's his 3:30 feed over there.

He doees so well! He stays on his tummy for a long time watching TV. It's great! Today I decided to video him...and a little of the empty house....check it out...


shi-shi said...


Thanks it is so nice to see where you are going, do it agian in the the othere parts of the house and the outside area ok!

I just love this house so much!

Enjoy moving in!

Pauline said...

Beautiful home can't wait to see it all full!

Nicole said...

hey there the place looks so nice and empty, i love the blank canvas of it all. eli looks so comfy - give a call we are home for the month. Love - nicole