Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eli's 3rd Birthday Party!

Our 3rd Annual Berkheimer Bash End-of-Summer Potluck....aka...Eli's Cowboy birthday party....was a huge success. Our family and friends had a great time checking out the new house, saying hello to Eli, and enjoying some good ol' country fun!

The kids loved the big tree in the backyard that has a deck underneath....it was full of little monkeys climbing it! :) This is Eli and Karla - one of his PT's, standing in front of the awesome tree!

Check out his Horse Power shirt! LOL~!


Lorie said...

Happy Birthday Eli!!!! I remember when Michael was 3, it gets easier and better every year as they grow stronger and stronger.

Lorie said...

Happy Birthday Eli! I remember when Michael was 3, it gets better and easier every year as they get stronger and stronger.

Pauline said...

Happy Birthday and I love the tree too, can i come climb???