Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nice Hump and Slope in the Floor!

When we got into our new house we quickly noticed a big hump and slope in the living room floor, that was conveniently covered by a loveseat during the showing.

So, our contractor spent Thursday repairing the hump to make the floor level:

They had to lay down shims of different thicknesses up the slope and then lay concrete morter in between the shims. Then they had to lay new plywood on the low side of the room. Hopefully now it will all be even for the laminate floors to be laid on Monday and Tuesday.

The house will be finished being painted on Sunday. Wow....some of the colors turned out a little brighter than I wanted. Oh, well. Not redoing them now. Hopefully they'll grow on me.

On Friday, our contractor worked on putting a doorway in between our room and Eli's I will have quick and easy access to him at night while he's sleeping. He is 100% tube fed, and gets half his daily intake at night while he sleeps. I have to be able to hear him if he has wet burps...we don't want him laying in spit up...and if he spits up too much we don't want him to aspirate. His feed gets done at about 5:00 when the pump alarm goes off I have to turn it this will be a great way for him to be close....but yet further away than he's ever been to me at night. I'm a little nervous! :) And excited, too. He's going to be a big boy, in a twin bed, in his own room! Oh, My!


Pauline said...

WOW so not cool to hide the bump ... a doorway is good glad things are progressing nicely!

shi-shi said...

Hey Roo...

I was hoping you had pic's! Put some up of the colors too!
did you get done with the painting??? love ya sis