Sunday, November 23, 2008

Everybody Dance Now! - Eli in a KidWalk Gait Trainer

"You Do the Hokey Pokey and You Turn Yourself Around...That's What It's All About!"

"I Want To Rock & Roll All Night and Party Every Day"

"Shake Your Groove Thang, It's a Funky Thang"

"Bust A Move"

"Jump Around, Jump Up, Jump Up and Get Down"

"Everybody Dance Now"

"I Want To See You Belly Dance"

"The Rhythym Is Gonna Get You"

Help me out everybody - what are some other great songs and lyrics I could use for this awesome photo of my boy walking in a KidWalk Gait Trainer? LEAVE A COMMENT WITH YOUR IDEAS! I'd love to hear them.....

We were so proud of him...he did AWESOME in this...even better than in his Bronco! We are looking at getting one, but want to try him in it a few more times before we spend the money.


~ shi ~ said...

hey, how about "Play that funky music"