Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Goodbye Hisser

Our dear old cat Hisser had to be put down today, after
we got the shocking test results of Feline AIDS.

It is transmitted through bite wounds and has a higher occurence in male cats.
It doesn't live long enough on food or water dishes to transfer that way....and we were glad, because we didn't want the rest of our herd to get sick!

Lonnie found Hisser on the side of the road after he was hit by a car.
His jaw was broken and he had other injuries. Lon lovingly nursed him back to health, but Hisser was so scared all he would do is hiss at Lonnie - hence the name!
He was over 10 years old.....we hope he enjoyed his days of loooooong naps at our house.
We will miss him. Rest in peace, Little Hissy, I hope you feel better now!


Lorie said...

I'm sorry for your loss. We have alot in common, read my blog from yesterday.