Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Treadmill Therapy

On Thursday, October 30th, we were part of a seminar held at Childrens Village (http://www.yakimachildrensvillage.org/). Ginny Paleg (http://www.ginnypaleg.com/) is a Neuro-Developmental Treatment Physical Therapist from the Washington D.C. area, who specializes in kids with severe physical challenges. She came and spoke to a group of local therapist from the Village, Schools, and other facilities.
Part of the program was to show examples of kids using the treadmill. They asked us to bring Eli as one of their subjects. :)

As you can see, Eli is suspended from a harness, and then held by therapists. They moved his legs like he was walking...and then would give him the opportunity to do it by himself.

After our very disappointing October full of appointments, where we felt no one had anything to offer us regarding helping Eli - we felt Ginny Paleg was a gift. A huge blessing to us! She saw things in Eli that others don't take the time to see. She noticed it took him about 8 minutes to respond to a request (very typical for CP kids). She saw that he still has the raw reflex of 'walking'. When he's put in a standing position, he'll lift his feet off the ground. It's slow, and intermittent...but it's still there! She could see how hard he was trying by watching his face and his body language. SHE GAVE US HOPE! She was awesome. :)

When a Doctor sees him for 30 minutes once a year - they cannot get a good idea of who our boy really is and what he can do! He has potential....he just has severe physical limitations.
So, we are very THANKFUL for people like Ginny who have made it their life's calling to help these kids have a chance at a more fulfilling life.

We aren't sure what we will do next regarding this kind of therapy. It would be great to have it available at home....so we'll see how it all works out....


Pauline said...

Hope rocks!
I am glad Amy that you found someone that gives you a little!
Eli looks like he was enjoying the experience.