Saturday, November 22, 2008

MckWonderful World of MckMama

Hello my name is Amy and I'm a Blogaholic.

A woman that I've never met and probably never will, writes a blog called My Charming Kids. I look forward to it everyday...more than anything else I do online. (Well, besides post on my own blog of course!) Click on the hyperlinks to connect to her blog. (She's also in my list of blogs to the right)

To catch you up quickly on [part] of her story:
She has four children. Ages 3, 2, 1 and newborn! She is an awesome Mom, who loves the Lord, talks about Him openly, praises Him constantly, and shares her wonderfully blessed world with the rest of us "Blogaholics". Her parenting advice alone makes the blog worthwhile! But she gives photography tips, is an incredible decorator, has 'give the photo a title' contests, and her children are just absolutely beautiful!
She was pregnant this year with a baby boy she named Stellan. He had a heart defect and the doctors told her he wouldn't live outside the womb. Well, her blog became so popular, people all over the world were praying for Baby Stellan! And guess what God did? He healed Stellan!
The power of prayer still exists! She calls herself MckMama and all her kids have cute little nicknames with a McDonald's like's a fun blog! You gotta go check it out.....soon you'll be addicted, too!
She is having a "Small Fryday Contest" to try and get even more readers over to her blog, because she is going to do a fundraiser soon for another blog String of Pearls. An organization that helps women who have been diagnosed with a fatal diagnosis for their unborn babies.

God can work miracles in many ways, and the internet can be one of them. The way Moms can connect through difficult situations, via online groups and blogs is truly a blessing. I don't know what I would have done without my online friends after my Eli was born! I belong to some wonderful Cerebral Palsy groups that have helped me through many situations.

God is good. All the time. We just have to give him the credit he deserves! :)