Friday, May 15, 2009

The Green Gazelle


After more than six months...we have a stander in our possession!
This is the Gazelle by SnugSeat. Size 2.
It's a little bit big for him. But, when purchasing a $5000 piece of equipment, you want it to grow with them for a while!!! He needed this size for his heighth.....but his weight makes some of the straps too big. We'll make modifications as needed. As the parents of a disabled child, I think we get used to stuffing foam and rolled cloths into nooks and crannies to get things to work, and fit, for our children! :)

Karla, his PT, and Lonnie spent over an hour getting it all set up to fit him.
Isn't this hilarious? I just love his "evil eye"!
He spent about 15 minutes in it before he started a really sad little cry. I hope it's not hurting him. It's going to take him time to get used to it. It forces his legs into a position he's just not used to. So, dear family and friends, keep praying for our Eli. We want this to be successful for him. We want his hips to stay in place. We want it to help with digestion and BM's. We want him upright... looking at the world in the right way. He can use his arms to play with toys in front of him. God is good, and we pray for success. :) Many good things will come of this....I hope!
Here is Eli 'walking' with Tina. I just love watching him!
Finally, I leave you with the beautiful Bleeding Hearts I planted last week:
How can a person doubt the existence of God, after viewing such a beautiful creation as this?

Have a BEAUTIFUL day everyone!


Verna said...

Hope it will help strengthen his legs also, and not be real painful. Will pray for all of you.

Nice flowers.
I love flowers, but have not been able to get any into the ground yet as it has been way too wet here to do so.

Have a great week end.

Michelle said...

Oh I remember Emily getting her stander. She looked similar to Eli, tilting a little here and there. We also used rolled up towels under the armpits to help hold the trunk upright. You'll need to work up in time he can stand in it. Sort of like working into orthotics, it will take a while for him to get used to standing in it. He is so cute, ready to play!
Michelle & Emily

Lorie said...

He looks really good in the stander! At first Michael didn't like being in it but we built up slowly and he eventually liked being in it, especially to watch tv. I liked seeing him upright too. I'll be praying that Eli learns to enjoy his stander and that it helps with his hips and digestion. Keep up the good work Amy!

Carla said...

I just found your blog via "Barefoot Dancing". I am so honored to meet you and your adorable little man. I have so much admiration for you and your little fighter. Eli is adorable. I have a huge place in my heart for kids with disabilities. If our first son had lived he would have had serious mental and physical challenges. Sadly we didn't have that chance to cheer him on as he tried a "gazelle" for the first time...but I am thrilled to find other little guys to cheer on ! :) I am a foster mom and have cared for child (age 1-2)with special needs and hope to have the chance to again in the future. Thanks for sharing your heart , your life and little Eli with us! :)

Anonymous said...

I love reading the encouraging words above from ppl aim, Isn't god great to send ppl that will pray for the E-man! I sure hope he is not in any pain and you know I am praying always..I just love the second picutre...that ain't no evil Eys mommy...cna't ya just hear mom say that amy! Love ya dear...Shi~

P.s.s the flowers are so have done alot of work and it is paying off...I am so happy for you! enjoy...