Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cuckoo For Canteloupe

Zeke is hanging in there. Still eating, drinking, pottying, walking, sleeping, and loving.

Can't put him down when he's just a little old and slow!! Right?
Is it the canned cat food? Is it the cat nip?
I don't know....but I can tell you this.....


Michelle said...

How cute! I've never tried that with our cat. He is so picky he cries if I don't put fresh food in his dish (we have one of those constant supply food dish containers). So I go in and shake up the container like I gave him something new.... Makes him happy.

Candace said...

Zeke is sooo cute! A cantaloupe eating cat, shouldn't that be on YouTube or something? Our cats just like to eat the dog's food, kinda boring, I know. On the other hand the dog likes to eat birdfood! Well, that and anything else that will hold still!

Anonymous said...

To cute! Well maybe it's the fruit keeping him alive??? Yum, Yum...does he read Lonnies heralth food books too...Cat heal thyself? hmmmmmm..... oxoxo

Verna said...

Our cats used to love people food too, But, I don't think they ever ate cantaloupe. But, Panda Marie (known as Panda Bear) loved soda crackes.

Yum, yum, if its good cantaloupe.
The last one I purchased was not ripe. I sure miss Mom's garden vegetables and home grown fruits.

Have a great day.