Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Shall Not Want

I get a daily devotional in my inbox every morning and you know what today's verse was?

Psalm 23:1 - "The Lord is my Shepard; I shall not want."

Ok, Lord. I'm leaning on you heavily as you take us through another valley of life.

My dear hubby was laid off yesterday.  This is a huge blow to our family.  When you have a special needs child this is one of those things you don't even want to think about happening!

But, God has a plan!  I cling to the scriptures.  God is my rock and my fortress....of whom shall I fear?

And if you have it in your heart to send a prayer up for my hubby and his job hunt, we'd greatly appreciate it!

Have a Happy 4th of July everyone.  We'll just be hanging out at home...


Michelle said...

Amy, You guys will be in my thought and prayers. Let me know which supplies you use. I have some extra things that we no longer use.
Michelle - on the other side of the mountains

Melanie said...

Remember "Home is where the heart is.." so I am sure you will all have a wonderful weekend just hanging out at home! Prayers being sent up for you guys!!

Lorie said...

Amy, I'm sorry about your husbands job. I will pray today. I'll pray for you and him to be able to truly trust God. I'll pray that you take every anxious thought and give it to God. I'll pray that you enjoy your time together and with Eli. I will pray.


rick said...

Sorry about Lon, Sis. Stupid economy!!!

Hope your prayers ease your worry and strengthen your faith.

Good luck.

Be strong.

Kiss Mr. Eli--go very fast!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! You visited my blog back a couple of months ago, which introduced me to your blog. :) I have a little something that I want to send Eli if you don't mind sending me your address! You can leave it over on my blog if you want--if you just put your name as "Amy" to leave a comment I think it'll want me to approve it before posting it publically, in which case I can leave it private instead. :) Make sense? Thanks! :)

Sorry to hear about your husband's job!!


LynnEnsMom said...

Amy, Sorry to hear about the layoff. I'm praying for you all. Don't know where you live but I have at least 100 extra 60cc syringes if you'd like me to send them your way, I'd be happy to do so.

Lynn EnsMom