Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life In General

It's been a tough week around here. Both Lonnie and I have been sorting through our emotions regarding his job loss. And to top it off, Lonnie's cat Zeke is not doing well. He's had him for about 12 years...and he has kidney failure. Zeke will get his own special post later this week :)

Lately, Eli has reverted back to his winter sleep habit of waking up in the 4 o'clock hour! Really. It's not my favorite thing. Like clockwork, he starts stirring every morning at about 4:10. It's obviously his sleep rhythym cycle is ending. Sometimes I turn his pump off, to try and get another half hour of sleep out of him, but today, I decided to just turn his pump down to a slower rate, and he ended up sleeping until 6:15 am! More food and more sleep. Bonus!! Of course, I woke up at 5:52 with a start! Thinking, "what time is it? why is Eli still asleep? Shoot, he needs his Ativan!"

So, I got up and this is what I found:

Now to the untrained eye, this is just a picture of a kid sleeping in a bed. To us, this is the sign of a kid learning to move his own body into comfy sleeping positions! These pictures have more to them than meets the eye!
  • He started out with his head about a foot higher than it is here.
  • His pajamas pants are now shorts, because of the skooching down!
  • He LOVES to kick his covers off so his little feet are out!
  • Just a few months ago, he learned to get his arms down by his side! So cool!
  • This isn't new, but for some reason he likes to sleep with his head almost face down. I turn it whenever I check on him, but he always goes back to the "suffocation pose". Not my personal favorite!
(FYI: He sleeps on lots of layers, including a hospital pad, just in case there is a problem with is feeding line....if it ends up leaking, we don't have to change all his bedding. Just the top layers! Shoot - I could do a whole post about those mishaps. Ugh. Not fun to wake up in the middle of the night and your poor baby is drenched in formula. Worst part is, it was usually MY fault because I was so stink'n tired I left a port open or something! Bad memories!)
Next is our Peanut boy. So cute tucked in the [spider infested, no doubt] bushes on the side of the house. Lon found him and took this picture:
Today, I was trying to get a good closeup of my sweet cat Piper, but ended up getting a great one of Peanut!
The huge dandelion finally bloomed in our yard, and I was able to get some of these cool shots. I've seen other photographers take them and just loved 'em - so was anxious to get some of my own - now that I know how to use the macro feature on my camera!

Last week, Lon and I were able to go on a date using some movie money I got for Christmas. We went to see My Sister's Keeper. I liked it. It's a total chick flick! If you are in need of a good sinus clean-out go see it. The critics dogged it. It's totally heart-wrenching and very dramatic. Lon thought it was way over the top. To a man it probably was.
But, as the mom of a special needs kid, I saw things in it that the average movie-goer probably doesn't catch in the same way. I don't want to tell you stuff, in case you want to see it. But, I do have to give kuddo's to Cameron Diaz. She's never been my favorite actress or anything, but she did an awesome job in this show as the mom. I can't get the final scene out of my head. Totally worth the $6 matinee price!


Anonymous said...

Hi Aim,

I love his sleep positions..How awesome is it that he is able to get into his OWN..perfect sleeping spot!...Hopefully the feed change will allow you ALL better sleep!...I was wondering how Zeke was doing????
Peanut is a picture hog huh! And the head of lettuce WOW...Send that head to the county fair!...oxoxoxo

Michelle said...

Amy, Eli sure looks comfy! Its nice he can move about in a way he likes. Boy, been there for the "feed-the-bed" scene.... I hate that one too.
Praying for the job situation. Hang in there.

Verna said...

I agree with you about the movie,
I went to see it on Sunday, I really liked it.

Will pray for the job situation. Know it can be really tough on the whole family.


P.S. What a head of lettuce!!!!!!

Melanie said...

I want to see that movie so bad but if its a chick flick there is no way I'll be able to talk my Lonnie into going! Wanna switch Lonnie for a movie?!

Don't you love when they are able to learn to do something on their own. I think the moving into a comfortable position is awesome. Daniel wakes up at least 3 or 4 times a night for us to "flip" him, and he is an early riser also! Bad thing is...MOM doesn't like being an early bird!

Tiffany said...

I found your blog from I think it is your sister? Shi. She commented on a blog about my daughter and how similar my situation sounded to yours. After reading just a few of your posts I find myself sitting here thinking. Yep, that's happened to us or I'm glad that we are not the only people who wake up to a bed filled with formula because the med port opened overnight. Your little guy is a true gift. I've really enjoyed reading about him. He is a little older than my Isabelle, which kind of helps me to see what maybe she might be able to do someday. If you get a chance I invite you to check out my blog.

Nicole said...

I am sorry to hear of the job loss, there is way to much of that going around. I love your photography, always have, you seem capable of catching joy in all things, especially Eli's face. prayers are with you. Love Nicole

Candace said...

I found your blog. I am Candace,mom to a wonderful 5 yr old girl with spastic diplegic CP. I would love to get to chat with you. We moms are few and far between! My daughter is Faith. Your Eli is darling and I can tell the light of your life! I would like to add you to my fav. blogs list. Nice to meet you!