Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blogging vs. Facebook

I'm torn.

As of today I have 226 friends on Facebook. I love the instant gratification of updating my status or posting pictures and immediately having a response to it! Whether people just click the "like" button (letting me know they were there) or comment (which makes me feel so connected to the outside world) - it makes me feel happy. My special world feels not so lonely. I have family and friends encouraging me's quick, easy, and just plain fun!

Blogging takes time. Time to pull all my thoughts together so I don't sound like a moron. Time to load the pictures into Blogger. Time to edit it all so it sounds coherent and the pictures go where they are supposed to. Time to wait for feedback. Then time to wonder why I put so much effort into my blog when the payoff is so small. I've always viewed my blog as a journal, so I rememeber dates and times of special events.....but Facebook is able to do that also, with much less effort.

Don't get me wrong! I'M SO THANKFUL FOR THE HANDFUL OF YOU WHO FOLLOW ME AND COMMENT REGULARLY! I've built some great blogland friendships because of your faithfulness!

But, I'm trying to figure out how much time on the computer is TOO much time. Lonnie and I have talked about implementing one day a week where we spend it "Unplugged". I've given up reading several of my favorite blogs because it just all takes too much time!

I could be using my time to read my bible. More books. Learn about how to better care for Eli. We could go more places and meet more people and do more things.

Spring is here. Life is shifting for me. I'm not sure where I will end up, but I'm taking some time to figure it all thank you for understanding my long absences on my blog.

We did go do something fun yesterday! We have a local magazine our newspaper puts out bi-monthly called Playdate. It's full of info for entertaining your kids in our valley. Well, yesterday they had and Expo downtown at our convention center. It was full of booths of local vendors and home sales party companies....but it was also full of wonderful kids activities. There were two big jumpers. Play areas. Game areas. Arts and Crafts areas. A stage with fun shows to watch. A food court. Face painting. And the best part of all: Characters roaming around for you to get your picture taken with!

Eli finally got to meet Ronald McDonald:

I worked there in high school, so it was a big deal for me. I really wanted this for my scrapbooks!

It totally cracks me up that he's making a funny face like "Get this weirdo away from me!"
Eli was having a bad day. Turns out his stoma is infected....again!
So, we didn't last very long at the Expo. It was crowded and noisy and he couldn't hear his music.
His tummy hurt and his body was wild. Being in his stroller wasn't his idea of a good afternoon so we came home after about 45 minutes.
There's always next year, right?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mission Accomplished

I promised to post some pictures yesterday.  Looks like that didn't happen.  But, better late than

Our weather has been interesting to say the least.  It's been a super mild winter, and the last couple weeks we've had days where it was 50 degrees.  Our plants think it's time to start budding and growing....poor things were shocked to wake up to 20 degree weather yesterday morning!

Whenever the sun is shining, and there is no wind - we take Eli outside for his Bronco ride.  Even through his healing after his cold, he was still a trouper and was able to do a lap or two.

My old point and shoot camera is starting to have a malfunction with the shutter opening.  Every once in a while, I don't notice it right away - and end up with a picture that looks framed.  I kinda like it on the picture above.  Almost looks edited and on purpose.  Almost.

Some days we bundle up more than others.
His bib says, "I'd rather be eating cookies, cake, and candy"
It's one of my favorites.
Only the parent of a tube fed kid wishes their kid ate junk food, eh?

Eli was in a really good mood on I decided to get some pictures of him in our big chair to compare them to when we first moved in our house.
August 2008           -           March 2010

Don't let these pictures deceive you.  He hasn't grown that tall!  The chair was brand new in 2008 and the back was tall and stiff!  Now it's breaking down and it looks like he's taller because his head is above the cushion.  I wish he had grown that much!  He's maybe grown an inch....but still weighs only 22 lbs.


Eli has learned a new life skill.
How to put himself to sleep!

Lonnie and I have argued about this one for a while...because I love helping put him to sleep.  I held him for his first 3 years.  Then for the last year we've laid down on the floor by him and held his hand to help him fall asleep.  But, now he has decided he doesn't need us.  When he's tired he rolls over and gets into a very weird position...and falls asleep!
 His left arm is tucked underneath him!

That afternoon he became a man on a mission.
To where?...we don't know!...but look how he ended up:

I guess it's better to see the TV this way!
Let's call this TWO missions accomplished!

Monday, March 8, 2010


It's been a loooooong month.  Too much sickness in our house!  But, I am completely well.  Eli is finally back to himself.  And my hubby is slowly finding relief from his he just has to deal with the cough for a while longer.  It seems to be the last thing to go.

It's been pretty quiet around here as we've been a bit housebound.  But, Spring is coming early....or at least teasing us right now.  We've had sunshine, 55 degree days, and it's just been gorgeous!  My flowers are shooting up through the ground!  My Hydrangea made it!  Hooray!!!  4 of my 7 Bleeding Hearts are sprouting up.  3 of my 4 Peonies.  And the buds on my Lilacs are HUGE already!

And the Box Elders came back in droves a week ago.  I could totally do without those little creeps!

Eli's had a couple Bronco rides outside.  He will need a little Spring Training to get back up to the speed and distance he ended with last Fall.  But, for just getting over being sick - he's done great!

I'm involved in two bible study's through church...and I cannot say enough good about the study called "Downpour" by Paul McDonald!  Awesome!  Life Changing!  Heart Changing.  Phenominal.

I have some pics in the camera, but haven't loaded them on my computer that promises you another post tomorrow! :)