Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bed Hog

The hot weather really makes Eli sleepy in the afternoons. Today was his second marathon nap.
:) I've been tired, it's really worked out well for me, because I get to snooze with him.
When he woke up today, he was in such a good mood! Still a little groggy, and just mellow.
I just "HAD" to take a picture of him (and Peanut).

He is such a tall boy, and it really shows in this picture.
But, take a look at my little "ooma loompa" when he was about 6 months old....

What a little doll!


Pauline said...

WOW he does look really tall!
He looks so peaceful and a nap sure does sound good!

Tracie said...

My kids are bed hogs too! What's up with that, heck we have a king size bed too! Sheeesh!!