Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Skunk Escapade

Well, the other night Max (one of our dogs) found a nasty skunk carcass down by the barn and decided to bring it up to the house. Gee, thanks!
We didn't know what to do with it...but all I knew was, dead or alive....he still stunk! Bad!
It was Sunday morning when we were blessed with this little present from Max, so I thought, "No problem, we'll just put it with the trash on Tuesday." Well, did you know that a dead skunk smell can go from bad to worse, when baking in 100 degree weather?
Oh, yeah! Hello!

It was so nasty! It stunk up the whole neighborhood. Lon finally took Pepe Le Pew for a ride in the back of his truck...and low and behold - he flew out while driving down a country road! Oops!

So, needless to say, we were happy to have it gone so we could open up our windows that night to try and cool the house down. Ugh!


Tracie said...

ROFL now that is funny! I guess if you thought about it (and who really would) it would make perfect sense that a skunk would stink more dead than alive! Good knowledge to put in the back of the brain!!!